Food Safety: Clean, Safety, And Healthy

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Recognition of Bess or “Clean, Safety and Healthy” has been enforced to all food premises trader in Malaysia in 2012 and currently regulated under the enforcement of Food Safety and Quality Department, Ministry of Health and Nutritional Department, Public Health Office, Ministry of Health in which it is fully supported by several related agencies such as Ministry of Domestic Trades, Co-Operatives and Consumerisms (KPDNKK), local authorities, Agricultural Department, FAMA, and Islamic Religion Department etc. This recognition program is an effective effort that has been implemented by the Ministry of Health in order to encourage all food premises trader in the country to provide and sell the food which must guaranteed to be securely, healthy and nourishing to all customers. The implementation of these guidelines is part of an improvisation against current monitoring programs that has been enforced to all food premises in the country through the Ministry of Health. Generally, there are four main criteria which must be compiled by the trader of food premises before successfully elicit this recognition certificate to the operational activities and services of their own food premise. The main four criteria are consists of perpetuating hygiene level to their own premise, providing safety and healthy food and providing the food in an accurate serving size amount in accordance to the needs of an individual. In order to acquiring this recognition certificate to their own food premise with the aim to enhance the cleanliness images of the food operator itself for the virtues of their customers effectively, all food premises trader must conform two main components meticulously as prescribed in the guidelines of BeSS recognition for the food premises in the country. The first component is Food safety and quality which consists of 10 elements that are emphasizing on the criteria of safety levels in all process of the business operations of food premises conducted by the trader itself. Meanwhile, the other component which must be obeyed by all food premises trader in the country is nutritional component which is generally focussing on the labelling of calories amounts for the food that are sell to their customers that must be fulfilled in accordance to the nutritional calories recommendations as prescribed by the Ministry of Health that must be follows by all customers in order to sustain healthier lifestyles every day for the virtues of the customer itself now and also for their own future life. However, the operator of food premises in the country can sell their own food in accordance to the existing original recipes that are created by themselves if the food that sell to the customer has obligate all of the criteria which has been outlined under the guidelines of BeSS recognition that enforced by the Ministry of Health.
Meanwhile, Food Act 1983 is one of legislative acts which have been approved in the parliament of Malaysia in 1983 and is...

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