Food Security In The Developed And The Developing World

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In 2020, a massive problem known as food shortage will show up, this will in turn affect food security (Metro, 2011). Food security defined as “Everybody having a sufficient access to food for a healthy diet and efficiently not having anxiety about where their next meal is coming from.” (Global Food Security A, ND). Over the last decade, food crisis has become a real issue facing the world. In fact, world population is expected to rise by 15% by 2050(Global Food Security A, ND). This will negatively affect food security. The purpose of this essay is to compare and contrast food security in the developed and the developing world.
The essay is organized as follows; elaborating on developed and developing countries, focusing on three main factors which impact on food security will be evaluated respectively. Specific examples will also be provided with the similarities and differences between the developed and developing world.
A developed country, such as the United States, has a large modern income. It is a country that has a high level of income. A less developed country or in other words a developing country, such as Ethiopia in Africa, these nations have many problems, for example, poor farming, shelter problems, food shortages and water problems. These countries have a low level of income that may affect by the impact of food security more than the developed countries (Africa College, 2010).
One of the factors that affect food security is climate change. Climate change leads to water shortage in the developed and the developing world. The united nation forecast population in 2050 need to feed another 2.5 billion people with less water for agriculture, it will be a big challenge for united nation (Africa Collage, 2010).
In the developing world climate change is the factor that lead to a strong drought where it is recorded as the second driest year since 1951.This happened in East Africa for example, Kenya and Ethiopia. In Ethiopia climate change is the reason for the agricultural land to become less effective to harvest the crops due to poor rainfall that may cause floods in some areas that receives late rain. Furthermore, some parts of Kenya did not receive rain and that caused the water shortages to reappear (United Nations, 2010). According to Africa Collage (2010) the climate change caused a reduction in water impact. This means that the developed world suffered from climate change issue. For example, in Australia climate change has reduced the production of local rice and wheat crops by drought and diseases. (Teng and Escaler, 2010).
Both of the developed and the developing world are affected by the factor of climate change, but the developing countries are affected more than the developed countries. The developed countries with a high level of income can resolve their problems by import and export from other countries to be food secured. However, the developing countries are depending on the developed countries to donate food for them...

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