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The consumption of low quality food products, especially McDonalds, is a controversial issue in society today. Many people are at odds over whether the processing and advertisings corporations are to blame for food related illness and deaths. Some say it is ultimately the consumer’s responsibility because they make a free will decision in choosing what to eat. Many sources, however, suggest that the food corporations are to blame for their consumers’ food related illnesses and deaths because they have continually denied the safety issues of their food. Food standards should be improved because; simple issues like toxins and viruses still affect us today.
According to Mark A. Grey’s article,” The Industrial Food Stream and its Alternatives in the United States: An Introduction.” Explains that corporations are based on”…an industrial model [which] is dominated by a handful of large, integrated transnational corporations” (143). These corporations namely Nestlé, Kraft, and Dole Food Company are examples of the few leading businesses. They become transnational for the purpose of growing without being confined to a nation’s laws and regulation that can make production and packaging very expensive. According to Grey’s article “multinational food companies have practiced subcontracting in the developing world for decades” in other words called off shoring, is one of the strategies used to lower costs (144). Off shoring portions of a corporations business is for a lower paid minimum wage of workers and are less educated but, are used to hard laborious work .The deceitful actions of these corporations lead me to question what their priorities are.
These corporations would even occasionally allow contaminated food without proper checks and balances. In Monique Nuijten’s article “Editorial: Food Security, Technology, and the Global commons –‘new’ Political Dilemmas.” describes a deadly infectious disease in food products, when released in a grand scale may cause a public outcry which is called a “food scandals”. These “food scandals” when they occur worries politicians, scientists, and the public which would encourage them to request more strict laws to forcefully have corporations to invest into more sanitary conditions for the processing and managing food(Nuijten). Corporations are allowed to defend themselves from justified profit loss by abusing politics. From Kelly D. Brownell, Lisa L. Sharma and, Stephen P. Teret report “The Food Industry and Self Regulation: Standards to Promote Success and to Avoid Public Health Failures.” Explains how:
… [Corporations] pledged to adopt self-regulatory initiatives. Such voluntary actions are characteristic of threaded industries and typically involve promises to follow self-generated rules and standards.[…]Self-regulatory pledges by the food industry are relatively new and may, as industry claims, benefit public health, or they may be self-serving and deceptive, stall needed government action, and protect...

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