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3.1.2 Food Security

“Food Security is when people have all-the-time access to sufficient, safe, nutritious food to maintain a healthy and active life.” (World Food Summit, 1996). According to ODI (2004), “In many regions of the world, food availability is no longer the key issue to dwell on but access, distribution and utilisation of food are the main priorities.” In many Southern East African countries, issues related to food availability remain essential. As alluded to above over 2.2 million Zimbabweans in the rural areas alone face hunger and deprivation in the first half of 2014. In the Horn of Africa, FAO estimates that a stunning 70 million people live in areas that are highly food ...view middle of the document...

Krishnaraj (2005) says “Food availability comes from production and related aspects of productivity that sustain a desired level of production.” While (Scanlan, 2001) indicates that, “Food availability refers to the supply of foodstuffs in a country from production or imports.”

Food access
When it comes to access to food, people should have the ability to on a regular basis obtain acceptable quantities of food. This could be through many means such as buying, production, borrowing or food aid. Krishnaraj (2005) states that, “Accessibility is about distribution. Spatial constraints are not the major ones as much as socio-political ones. People can afford food if they can buy it and have the means to do so.” This element does not look at the availability of food alone, but the accessibility of all people to this food. Incidentally, “It is also possible to get food security through self-provisioning. One can buy food if one has the resources to do so and such resources have to come from assets such as land and other productive means or labour wages. How adequate these are, determines one's capacity to buy food affordability” (Krishnaraj 2005 and Sen 2010).

Food utilisation
The principle brought forth is that consumed food must have a positive nutritional impact on people. This involves other elements of the food area such as how...

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