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Food Security: A Global Issue Essay

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There are those that believe our planet has reached its maximum capacity to sustain humanity and we need to reduce our population to rectify it. It is also said that our planet is well capable of providing both the nutrition and caloric needs for humanity, both now and into the future as well. Regardless of where one’s opinion of the facts fall between these two arguments, global food security is not where it should be. Uneven development could be argued to be a cause of this. But it is not the only issue affecting the planet.

One of these issues is the lasting legacy of the Age of Empires or colonialism. Spain lost its hold on Latin America due to Napoleon, the British, and the United ...view middle of the document...

Brazil historically is known as a huge exporter of sugar, coffee, and citrus fruits. But recently the country has become a major exporter of soybeans. (Brazil expects a 90 million tons soybean crop, making it the world's top producer, 2013) Soybeans have become a very popular crop around the world due to its use multiple uses for food oils, animal feed, biofuels, and industrial uses.

But unless Brazilians are able to survive off of soy oils, citrus fruits, and sugar alone (a delicious sounding diet), Brazil must import a large number of foods in. With globalization, that is not as much of a problem. Brazil imports wheat into the country due to it not being able to grow in much of the country in the first place. Increased cassava, or yuca, production is a far better alternative as it is both native to the region and a culturally accepted food within Brazil.

Relying on more local foods is another solution that should be looked at. It was again not that long ago that the food one bought from the grocery store was for the most part grown and processed locally. But the local movement cannot be accomplished without the cooperation of corporations. And due to their nature, the most important objective is to ensure they see black in the ledger. Many people will call corporations evil and unfeeling for this.

But I argue that instead of beating them over the head over it, we should instead find ways to incentives them towards the local model. After all, many farms are actually owned by corporations. Family owned farms are a dying breed. A lot of companies that processed goods from farms, such as butchers, have also disappeared due to corporations centralizing their business to save on costs. Meats and other processed foods will require another solution. But at the very least many more raw vegetables can be sold to local markets instead of...

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