Food Security In Singapore Essay

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Singapore, a city with land scarcity, we depend on importation of food supply which consist of over 90 percent of our food supply. Thus it makes Singapore vulnerable to food safety incidences overseas and fluctuations in food supply and prices.

With food security emerging as a serious threat in many part of the world, increasing population, land and water constraints, the impact on global food production with floods and droughts in major food producing areas & falling food exports and a rising number of importing in countries, all these are factors has contributed to food security emerging as a serious threat.

Although, Singapore is in good shape to tackle the rising challenges of food security with strategies from AVA such as diversifying sources of food imports, optimizing local, food production, stockpiling and new possibilities and etc. Youth like us have an important part to play such as reducing food wastage as waste can occur.

This range from farm to fork, hence...

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