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Towson University should make an effort to reduce theft in regards to food services. Food services loses about 40-50 Chic-fil-A sandwiches per day due to theft (Cubbler, R. 2011). Other stolen items are typically sushi, chicken nuggets, and bottled beverages (Cubbler, R. 2011). Towson University should provide a TU police officer during peak theft times, set up a visible working or dummy security camera in the dining facility, or place a set of lockers outside of the dining facility similar to the ones outside of the Bookstore. Money saved from reducing theft could be used for funding sustainable practices that are sometimes more expensive.
Towson currently works with the Waste Neutral Group to compost on campus. Waste Neutral takes and hauls all of the compost from campus off to a separate location for composting. If the composting were to take place on campus, the university could therefore reduce the transportation costs of hauling the compost away and use all of the composted material in landscaping and the on campus garden as well as selling it to the local community to make a profit.
In order to implement this, the university can look into Earth Tubs, which have been used with success by universities with limited space like Northland College. Earth Tubs are large containers that are made to compost and are self-contained (Earth Tub 2011). Waiting to hear back about data on composting on campus for different facilities.

Recycling Bins
Recycling is one of the easiest things that an individual can do to reduce their carbon footprint, yet why is it so hard to get Towson Students to recycle on campus? In a survey we conducted on Towson University’s campus about on campus dining facilities, we found that about 10% of students found recycling at Towson dining facilities to be inconvenient or very inconvenient. In order to increase the amount of recycling that the the Recycall program at Towson accomplishes; increasing the number of recycling cites seems necessary.
Recycling is such an effective measure to achieve sustainability because it has been shown to save energy over manufacturing from raw materials. It takes about 10.4 million BTU to manufacture a product from recycled products as opposed to 22.4 million BTU from virgin materials (Hutchinson, 2008). Gathering, transporting, and processing recyclable materials only consume roughly 0.9 million BTU (Hutchinson, 2008). Recycling aluminum consumes 96% energy than manufacturing from raw materials (Hutchinson, 2008). Plastic recycling is the second most efficient, using 76% less energy than starting with virgin material (Hutchinson, 2008). Third most efficient is recycled newsprint, consuming 45% less energy (Hutchinson, 2008). Recycling glass falls behind the others but is still more efficient than manufacturing from virgin resources, using 21% less energy (Hutchinson, 2008).
In order to eliminate as must waste going to the landfill, we suggest that...

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