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Food Styling: The Art Of Preparing Food For The Camera

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Food styling the art of preparing food for the camera. The author writes a comprehensive book on her technique of styling food for the camera, the props that are used, how food will not always do what you want it to do. She also goes step by step on how certain tools will help your food stand out to allow you to capture a great image.
Book from the public library
This book is useful for many points in my paper; she covers food styling, food photography, prepping for food photo shoots, tools that can be useful, and overcoming challenges.
Custer, Delores. Food styling: the art of preparing food for the camera. Hoboken, N.J.: John Wiley & Sons, 2010. Print.
This source covers many topics and has tons of useful information
This source fits into my research because it covers a broad range of topics that will be discussed in my paper.
It shapes my argument because, it was written by a world-renowned food stylist.
This book has not changed the way I think about food styling this book has helped enhance it. It covers a broad and detailed range of food styling and other topics within my paper.

Thornton 2
This source will help you discover how to style and shoot beautiful delicious food photographs. It teaches you lightning and composition to get the best shot possible. It will help you in choosing the right equipment, and gives steps on how to start a great food photography business.
Book from the public library
This source covers many useful topics that will be present in my paper, such as food styling, food photography, presentation, managing photos, and growing a successful business.
This book is very useful because it covers food styling, many techniques that can be used, it talks about how difficult lighting and composition can be, and how to have a successful career as a food photographer and or food stylist.
Whitfield, Alison. Food styling & photography for dummies. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley, 2012. Print.
This source allows me to get a step-by-step manual on many topics having to do food photography and styling.
The information given from this source goes over many topics that will be included in my paper.
This source enhances the way I feel about food styling because it is a detailed step-by-step manual on how to style amazing food images.

Thornton 3
This book gives a detailed explanation of the evolution of food photography over several decades. It teaches you how to shoot and style food and drinks both in studio and on location. It gives tips on how to take images for a range of different food photography jobs including blog sites, books, magazines, advertising, and marketing.
Book used from the public library
This source covers food and prop photography, gives profiles and case studies from professional photographers and stylists in the field.
Ferroni, Lara. Food photography: pro secrets for styling, lighting & shooting. New York: Pixiq, 2012. Print.
The information...

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