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Food System And Food Security In Bc And Globally

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Food System and Food Security in BC and Globally
Currently our food system in BC employs a mixture of ways to obtain food. In 2008, about 45% (less than half) of our food was imported into BC (Ostry, 2010). In that sense, BC seems to be more food secure compared to other provinces and countries.
Most of our imports were vegetables, fruits and nuts, and fish (Ostry, 2010). We produce much of our dairy, meats and live animals (Ostry, 2010). Our reliance on those would be much less (almost non for dairy) which causes us to be slightly food secure. For example, most of our meats come from the USA, Australia, and New Zealand, however, and only a small proportion is consumed in BC (Ostry, 2010). ...view middle of the document...

This helps drive down the price of foods like cheese. However, because of this interdependency, any disruptions in either our production or the production in other countries will cause disruptions in the global food system as a whole, exaggerating the global crisis of food insecurity.
Without a doubt, food security has become a global issue. Global warming is one of the top contributors of food insecurity. Agricultural anthropogenic greenhouse gasses (GHG) contribute 10-12% globally (Ostry, 2010) which is quite significant. With the increase in human population, there will be higher demand for food, leading to increased growth in the agricultural sector which will negatively environment. Diets tend to increase in meats, dairy, and fats when nations become wealthier leading to increased demand for high GHG emitting animals and the crops needed to feed the animals (Ostry, 2010). Of those wealthy nations, people with below average incomes or even homeless people tend to buy cheaper and unhealthy foods (ie. fast foods) because of high costs of housing or rent and increased rates of inflation on food. Acculturation also causes a shift in balance of nutrients. People from different cultures pickup unhealthy habits such as eating processed foods. Thinking further, as diets change globally there will be need of new agricultural practices such as the use of fertilizer with high nitrous oxide, more fuel for transportation of food causing more GHG emissions, more grazing of land, and using genetically modified organisms (GMO) just to name some. From these agricultural practices our air becomes more polluted which can be detrimental to our health. Also, our food becomes less nutritious due to lack of nutrients from GMO’s and lack of soil nutrients. Our food, environment, and health are all interconnected and are greatly affected by the actions of almost everything we do. This system is certainly a complex one as there are factors causing food insecurity. Fortunately for us, BC is not a large producer of agricultural products as BC operations are small relative to other regions of Canada (Ostry, 2010). We are one of the lowest GHG emitter in all of North America due to the use of hydroelectricity. In both a global and Canadian perspective, GHG contributions from BC are low (Ostry, 2010). In a sense, we have a cleaner environment compare to other countries around the world. But because BC is a multicultural, wealthy, and inflation-driven province, many residents of because are subject to food insecurity due to the reasons mentioned above.
So how should we tackle the issue of food insecurity? Well one way is to use the scientific method of approach. Scientific method usually addresses a single issue at hand. For example, things are measured and weighed (Capra, 2008). An example of how scientific method is used is when the population is malnourished. Dietitians can recommend eating healthy foods like vegetables and fruits or provide recommendations to an obese...

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