Food That We Consume Is Dentrimental To Our Health

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I have an delicious fondness for food and cuisine. In fact, everyone has their own unique favorite foods and drinks. There are variety of different types of foods that contain meat, vegetables, sea food and we’ve always coming up with new ideas to cook and prepare the food that we consume on a daily basis. In the article, “The Universal Diet”, the article discusses the fact that people eat in many developed countries, especially the U.S, detrimental to your health. I DISAGREE that the food consumed is unhealthy because the food that I’ve consumed is fresh, healthy and shaped me who I was, yet we have so many choices to eat healthy food.
According to the article, there are numerous healthy, simple, and inexpensive diets from places like Japan, Italy, New Zealand, China and Greek. Since the 1940s, nutritionist have conducted the academic study in the dishes of the varying cultures to study which diet best assist people preserve their health. The Agrarian societies, for example, their society consumed foods that fit the guidelines of proper food table. They eat less meat because they couldn’t afford the price of meat. Another example, the Bushmen of Southern Africa, Bushmen were tribe people, they eat the same way as the early humans did over 2 million years ago. They are hunters, gatherers and never farm. As the economy increase in society, affluent folks switched their selection of their food. In wealthy country like Japan, people consume westernized food that contain high fats and they have high risk of developing heart disease. Bourgeoises in India eating rich diet have ugh risk of high blood pressure and heart disease. Americans consume lots of meat and food that are high fat. They ignore vegetables. they developed disease such as heart disease, obesity and cancer. Nobody has the will to change the diet of Agrarian society. We can still reduce the amount of fats and oil while we can increase the vegetables and grains in our food table. Not all healthy nutrition is hard or expensive. However, we need to consider and choose right meals to eat and stay healthy.
The article stated that food that people consume in many developed countries, especially the U.S, is harmful to our health. The article also says. “In America, we consume lots of meat and dairy products, which are in high fat and we ignore vegetables.” I disagree, because the food that we consumed in America have enough proteins and nutritions provide our body to stay in healthy and shape. Some food may contains excessive amount of fat that harmful to our body. However, it is our choice and responsible to eat healthy or not eat healthy. If you go to food market, every food products has a label in the back or top that shows table that include amount of fat, nutritions, proteins and else. This is to...

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