Foods That Protect You From Stroke

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The article I choose was from Woman's World magazine. Caitlin Castro writes it. The title of the article is "Foods that protect you from stroke." The article states there are two good reasons for women to change their eating habits to prevent a stroke, or at least lower their chances of having one. The reasons are that more women than men are having strokes and they can be more crippling for women. All that is needed is for women to change or add healthy items to their menu. Harvard researches suggest that you have three cups of vitamin C-rich fruit daily. This will lower the risk by 50%. They also suggest having fish at ...view middle of the document...

Therefore, eating whole grain breads, oatmeal and even popcorn can lower the risk between 43% and 49%. The article is about women slashing their stroke risk 50% or more by eating or drinking health boosting drinks and snacks.This article is very important to me, especially since my mother had a stroke. My opinion is that this article is very important. It is never too late to start eating healthy. I am aware the fruits, vegetables, omega three oils, fluids, and fiber for healthy eating. I have been eating fruits, vegetables and trying to drink the necessary water daily. I have recently added more fiber to my diet to improve my digestion with whole grain products. I was not aware of the real importance of the omega three oils. Since reading this article, I have added it to my diet. I believe this article is making the importance of stroke prevention for women clearer. No matter what their age is, they should use these tips for a healthier lifestyle and to reduce their risk of stroke and heart disease. This article is telling me to take charge of my life now. It is also telling me that women need to pay much more attention to stroke and heart disease, which I plan to do. Since my mother had a stroke and later died of heart disease and intend to do everything possible to prevent it from happening to me.

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