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John Hirst Hist 421 Essay #1 9-25-01 The Pikunis of the book, Fools Crow, are a group whose world undergoes drastic changes at the hands of white settlers, or Napikwans (also known as Crows). For centuries, Native Americans had lived in relative isolation from the ways of western civilization. However, the arrival and eventual migration westward of Europeans on American soil, signaled intense reformations of the ways in which they lived their lives. This change was brought on by the greedy ways of the white man. These Napikwans had a desire to gain more land and wealth than they necessarily deserved. They continued to push their way into Blackfoot territory and, with false promises of gifts and peace. The Indians, who, for the most part, desired peace, were lied to by the Napikwan Army, called seizors. Once the seizors realized they could lie to the Pikunis, they continued to take advantage of the Blackfeet's inherently peaceful ways. Unfortunately for the majority of the Pikunis, they did not realize the tragedy of the situation until it was too late. So much of their land had already been swindled from them and they were being squeezed as well as attacked by white citizens of the territory. There was little or nothing that the Indians could do to stop the white advancement. About the only factor they had any real control over was the speed with which the robbery of their land came. Still, however, this was something that was almost completely out of their hands. The only reason I say they had any control over it was because the U.S. government seemed to get impatient and frustrated with renegade Indian attacks on the private citizens of Montana. This, unfortunately though, was the work of only a few of the Blackfeet. Tribal outcasts such as Owl Child and Fast Horse were responsible for the transgressions that got the entire Blackfoot tribe, and even more so the whole Indian Nation punished. Had the tribal chiefs been able to stop these few who endangered the many, they may have been able to delay what was inevitable anyway. The only other option seemingly available to them was...

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