Football Career Was Destroyed In A Split Second By One Tackle. It Caused Pain Sadness And Tears. English Essay

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One day I had the biggest heart break of my life. I was a football player at one point in my life. I have earned trophies and many other things. Football was my life and I spent so much time to play. But one day the biggest heartbreak hit me straight in my face and destroyed me. It was like a semi-truck hitting me on my blind side. 1 is forgiveness. 2 is don’t let life get you down no matter what you are going thru, and 3 never give up on your dreams because you have your dreams for a reason.
I was a big football player, I had the love of the game and played as soon as the season started. The oval football in my hand made me so happy. The weight of the pads gave me power, and don’t even ask about the number on my back because I felt like superman with it. But one day I took a huge hit to my waist that ruined me and my career. The blow shattered my right leg. That is the moment I knew something bad had happened.
I was laid on the ground after the hit crying. Not because I was in pain because I can handle pain but because I knew my career was at its end. I heard the snap, the crackle, and pop. My leg was broken in two different places. Number 17 destroyed my career. But I was not mad at him because I knew it was not his fault. It was just the love of the game, and the love of the game also comes with pain. During this situation the one thing I learned about was how to forgive.
I knew from the moment I laid on the turf I was at the end of my career. My coach carried me to his truck and laid me in with a splint on my leg until we approached the hospital. He pulled up to the front and grabbed a wheelchair. As he placed me in the wheel chair I saw...

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