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Football Coaches, Where Is The Diversity?

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I. Introduction
Football has become a thread of the American sports culture. Small towns become infatuated with their hometown high school teams, alumni donate millions and come in droves to see their alma mater on Saturdays, and Sunday afternoons are typically spent on the couch watching multiple games where professional teams battle on the gridiron. Some believe that football has even surpassed baseball as America’s pastime. As evidence, the Super Bowl for the National Football League (NFL) and the National Championship of the collegiate football bowl subdivision (FBS) are consistently the most watched sporting events throughout America. The recent success of both organizations would lead ...view middle of the document...

The head coach must provide many more things than simply playing and winning games. The head coach must deal with players, assistants, team management, school officials, parents, and boosters. The head coaches are responsible for the overall offensive and defensive strategy of the team. Coaches must delegate responsibility to coordinators who coach different positions of the team. The head coach sets the team’s rules and the appropriate punishment if the rules are broken. In today’s world the head coach must act as an unofficial CEO who set the overall tone for the team and rely on others to execute the plan the coach has set forth (Rose 2014).
The job of an NFL head coach is arguably one of the most stressful jobs in today’s society. It is an around the clock job that requires constant attention and strict dedication. The coach is responsible to analyze the most recent game’s film almost immediately after its completion. Lessons learned from that analysis then leads to the game planning necessary to be successful in the upcoming game. Not only does he analyze his most recent game, but also typically the upcoming opponent’s game tape from the preceding game or the last few games. Coaches must manage practice routines and delegate responsibilities to coordinators that handle their specific duties or positions. NFL coaches must constantly make adjustments during the game concerning player personnel, play calling, and time management. In the off-season coaches must be able to properly evaluate player talent that the coach wishes to bring to his team in order to be successful. He must also decide if a player is no longer valuable to his team and make the decision to let the respective player go their own way. The head coach must also be an effective leader on and off the field. He effectively sets the tone at the top for the rest of the team to follow. He is the face of the organization (Garda 2013).
College coaching roles are very similar to that of the NFL. Their responsibilities differ in the fact that collegiate coaches must be in constant contact with school officials concerning the team’s play, player academics, recruiting, and boosters. Coaches must be able to keep their players’ grades at a sufficient level to compete in their respective support while still abiding by NCAA rules and regulations. The same goes with recruiting. As many players leave the program due to graduation, transfer, or personal reasons coaches are constantly in contact with high school and junior college prospects. The contact with potential players must be done inside the rules the NCAA has provided. Boosters provide millions each year to their beloved alma maters. A coach may be able to win games, but the inability for a coach to relate to boosters could lead to more problems than losing games (Ford 2008).
Now that I have covered the roles of what exactly is expected of a coach at both levels I divulge some current facts and why minorities are viewed as not being...

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