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Football Innovation In America Essay

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32 teams, 8 divisions, 2 conferences, and all for one game. Since the National Football League was established in the early 1900s, the organization has changed a lot. Football is a true American sport that has experienced much innovation compared to its first 14 teams. Many teams dropped out or altered during the NFL-AFL merger, while technology and safety keep advancing.
Although the 32 NFL teams today are very stable, the league started out with only 14 teams that struggled to stay in business. The Cardinals are the oldest NFL franchise in the league. There only two of the original 14 teams left. Chicago Bears and Chicago Cardinals are the two organizations that still play. The Chicago ...view middle of the document...

After the merger, Super Bowl I was held, proving that this addition to the NFL helped the leagues advance and grow.
Any organization has to adjust to the new technological world around us to keep in business. It has always been a struggle in American football to keep stadiums in top shape. As the U.S. has some extreme weather during football season, some teams have created indoor stadiums. The Astro Dome in Houston was the first ever professional indoor football stadium in the U.S. "There was concerns that the turd caused friction burns and blisters and did not have the same cooking affects as natural grass"("Artificial Turf Solutions-History and Development") The Astro turf caused a lot of pain for players so Polyethylene grass was created with sand fills and rubber to make the turf softer and smoother like grass ("Artificial Turf Solutions-History and Development"). Stadiums have also changed just like the turf. A football stadium consists of lot of seats to make as much money as possible while still giving fans the view they deserve. Many fans can’t get to every game so each game is broadcasted live to any fans around North America. The NFL and other businesses make more money then most companies off of advertisement during the intense games, especially the Superbowl. “The average cost of a 30-second Super Bowl ad in 2013 is $4 million” (Ramsey). The technology for broadcasting was not always around. Before live television was available, radio was the only way to know what was going on. Technology has adjusted a lot throughout the last 100 years to help the players and the fans. These advancements have also led to protecting players and their safety.
As a result of the harsh hits of every football game, equipment and penalties have been formed to ensure player safety. Unfortunately, very few players endure an entire career without getting...

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