Football Is A Friend Essay

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Football Is a Friend
The children of America are missing crucial childhood experiences, such as discipline, responsibility, and hard work. These neglected juveniles have been turned from potentially remarkable individuals into criminals and bums. There is, however, a way to thwart this subsisting trend: football.
Young men and women living in dismal situations are often encouraged to join gangs and lead lives of crime. They crave the support and acceptance of the gang, often because of the neglect they experienced in their younger lives. Sven Mørch and Helle Andersen expanded upon this concept in their study, “Becoming a Gang Member: Youth Life and Gang Youth.”
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Life lessons are taught through the play of the game, and players with extraordinary abilities are given an opportunity to shine out.
Care and coaching are few among many mystiques necessary to provide a proper environment for players to achieve their aspirations. Coaches are the fathers amid brothers within a family of athletes. They supply knowledge and wisdom to their pupils, and they build immutable bonds between themselves and the players they encounter. Players often mold themselves in pursuit of resembling their coach’s principles and ethics.
Coaches instill fundamental values in their players and hope those values remain with the players through the entirety of their lifetimes. Of these values, coaches strive to make their players productive members of their community. Players are encouraged to invite their friends, family, and neighbors to become involved in their football program. The hope is to provide an outlet for people of all ages, and all stretches of life, to escape the struggles of day-to-day life and enjoy a session of America’s Game.
In her article, “Advantages & Disadvantages of Playing Football at a Young Age”, Karen Lobello outlines the pros and cons of youth football. Among the positive aspects are teamwork, physical fitness, and character. Amongst the drawbacks are injuries, inexperienced coaches, and unequal physicality. Although there are risks, players often acquire an obsessive love for the game that nothing can squander.
Professional athletes of the National Football League (NFL), both past and present, may have had dissimilar upbringings, but in the end, their roads to success were kindred. Names such as Michael Oher, Dez Bryant, and Adrian Peterson are prime examples of the power of determination. These men have all overcome an inconceivable amount of adversity in their pursuit of success. They are influential role models to young players coming from dismal situations because they have experienced reciprocal circumstances themselves. They understand the struggles their admirers are facing, and they give the young players hope to succeed. They also challenge them to overcome any, and all, adversity in the course of seeing their dreams come true. Not only do they promote triumph on the field, but they encourage players to excel off the field as well. Caring for their families...

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