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Football: Head To Head Contact Is Too Dangerous

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The use of head to head contact at any level in football, should be illegal. There is no reason as to why you cannot keep your head up your body square and make a proper tackle. Coaches teach you how to make the proper big hit, without using your head at all. You put yourself at risk and the person you are hitting by lowering, or keeping your head straight up to make head to head contact. The proper way to tackle is made up of a 6 step process. Step 1 is to breakdown, buzz means to set your feet in a good balanced position, correct body posture for the hit, shoot into the hit, wrap up, and finally drive your target into the ground. But, players like to hit head to head to injure, or just look “cool.” Although it’s impossible to completely eliminate injuries from the game of football, helmet to helmet contact should not be allowed for three main reasons: it causes too many life threatening injuries, players are trying to hurt other players so they can’t finish the game, and it causes brain damage.

Causes life threatening injuries
Hitting players head to head cause way too many life threatening injuries for both opponents. On Bill Brink’s "Tackling the Issue of 'proper' Tackling," Robert Cantu was quoted saying, “football teams should practice without helmets.” That would be the best way to teach players to avoid head-to-head collisions, avoiding life threatening injuries(Brink). The problem coaches have with that is they think there players will develop bad tackling habits. But Cantu, argues that tackling isn’t all physical it’s a lot of mental toughness and muscle memory. The head to head collisions don’t just come from tackling, it also comes from blocking, blind siding, and pancaking. On Bill Brink’s "Tackling the Issue of 'proper' Tackling," Dr. Bailes was quoted saying, to Mr. Goodell two years ago that linemen should stand or squat upright, removing themselves from the three-point stance and their brains from potential peril(Brink).
You could have helmet padding 6 inches thick, it's not going to help(Brink). Moving at the speed it takes to tackle somebody, a hit to the head with any amount of padding, could still be life threatening. Concussion hits occur at the center of your head, hits to the side of the head are a couple times weaker. Concussion-causing hits occur at the crown of the head seven and eight times more often than the sides or frontal lobe of the brain, studies there found(Brink). To try and stop concussion causing hits to the head, the NFL has started to fine players who are targeting to hurt. They [increased] suspensions, penalties and fines for intentional hits [to the head]. They're taking very strong action, and they're considering others”(Brink).
Hurting other players for money
Targeting players to hurt them so they cannot finish a game, is wrong and unlawful. The New Orleans Saints coaching staff was paying their players to hurt key players so they couldn’t finish a game. Not all the injuries were head to head...

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