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This is a remembering events essay about my husbands death and how it effected my life. FootprintsCorey was working in the driveway on the Tahoe. He was putting a suspension lift on it. Then he planned to get a body lift so that he could fit40” tires on it. His hobby was working on cars and he had been saving up for this project. So, I wasn’t about to stop him. I was not allowed in the garage whenever he worked on a vehicle. I could not stop bugging him about reinforcing the vehicles, if he was going to be underneath them.I had errands to run, so I got Devin ready to go. Heading through the garage to the car, Corey said “Just leave Dev here.” I said “Sure”, and proceeded to put Devin into the playpen. After coming home, I decided I wanted to get something special for the date Corey and I had lined up.Heading towards the car, I decided to take Devin with me. Upon arriving at the mall, I went straight to Victoria’s Secret. It did not take long to find that something special. While waiting to checkout, I got a sudden chill. Goose bumps went from the top of my head down to the tips of my toes. At that moment a voice told me to go home. With a sense of urgency, I put the items back and headed home.I just thought I was acting paranoid or just losing it. I still felt a strong sense of urgency. Coming down the hill of our street, I noticed the Tahoe looked funny but I did not give it much thought. Getting out of the car, I did not see Corey. “Corey?” “Corey, are you out here?” When I did not get an answer, I headed for the garage. There was Corey, but I could only see from his knees down. The Tahoe had fallen on him from the temple to the crotch area.My heart literally stopped; I found enough strength not to freak out. As I called 911, I jumped out in front of the first car I saw. I did not know whom I was flagging but I needed someone to watch Devin. When the dispatcher asked if Corey had a pulse, I froze. I did not want to touch...

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1605 words - 6 pages is the universe speaking contumely by working toward some monolithic, seemingly deliberate reckoning? "Fortunately," Leakey said, "there is so much underground still. It is a vast place, and there is plenty more under the surface for future generations that are better educated." She found the footprints in Tanzania. They are the accidental byproduct of a deliberate walk by three hominids so long ago, but were only footprints to her. Never

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645 words - 3 pages The average American household’s carbon footprint is about 48 tons per year. A carbon footprint is the measure of carbon dioxide produced over a given amount of time. Carbon dioxide is produced in many ways including the use of automobiles and electronics. Not only affecting wildlife, carbon footprints also affect every person on the planet and every aspect of the environment. Carbon footprints can be reduced in several ways such as using energy


602 words - 3 pages . Chapter one of Essentials of physical anthropology opens by introducing the famous fossil footprints in East Africa made about 4 million years ago by the animal who we now call Australopithecus afarensis. The authors’ intention to begin with the footprints was to bring forward the origins of anthropology. These footprints indicated that these ancient animals walked on two feet therefore revealed their identity as a primate of the family hominins


1177 words - 5 pages entirely of minerals (they're essentially stone that has replaced the original structure). Most fossils are made of ordinary rock material, but some are more exotic, including one fossilized dinosaur bone, a Kakuru tibia, which is an opal! Fossils can be divided into two categories, fossilized body parts (bones, claws, teeth, skin, embryos, etc.) and fossilized traces, called ichnofossils (which are footprints, nests, dung, toothmarks, etc.), that

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979 words - 4 pages centuries. So how can dried mud- which has been turned to rock preserve dinosaur footprints over millions of years? It may have lasted a few thousand years, but no where near millions. One estimate is 100 million year old dinosaur footprints exists. No way can that be true if measured against how long it takes for the surface these footprints are found on, takes to erode. Palaeontologists are directly contradicting known scientifically provable

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711 words - 3 pages As one matures, he or she gains a deeper insight of life. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow is a prime example for this statement. "The Tide Rises, The Tide Falls" was written in Longfellow's old age and contains a more pessimistic, yet more realistic, outlook on life compared to his earlier works. This poem draws an image of the ocean waves, interrupted by a traveler hurrying to town. All footprints left by this traveler are erased by the tides after

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