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Footprints In The Sand By Bracha Goykadosh

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Footprints in the Sand, by Bracha Goykadosh, is a story of friendship and hope, of secrecy and bewilderment. Rena Cohen, the narrator, is the typical twelfth-grader whose only concerns are school and friends. Malka Koenig is one of Rena’s closest friends, but after eleventh-grade her life changes drastically and her friendship circle is affected by the change. Though twelfth grade is supposed to be a carefree year, it turns out to be a year learning of life’s true values.

Rena Cohen had returned from camp high-spirited, anticipating her long-awaited senior year of high school. With only two days left to catch up with her friends, Rena called Malka Koenig and Lizzy Zimmerman and set up to see them at Cafe Bonjour. She couldn’t wait to hear how Malka enjoyed her lessons in computer programming and how Lizzy enjoyed her stay in camp. At the cafe, Rena realized something was wrong. Lizzy and Malka looked uncomfortable around each other and after just a few minutes, Malka got up and walked out. Lizzy refused to tell Rena what was wrong, so Rena got up and left too. When school began, things only got worse. Malka insisted that Rena was her best friend, Lizzy insisted that Rena was her best friend, and Rena wasn’t so sure she was friends with either of them. One thing was for certain: they were no longer the inseparable threesome everyone envied. As her year progressed, Rena grew more and more distant from her once undisputed friends. Their silence baffled her and she felt lost in the crowd; by twelfth even the loners had found their place in the grade. Malka became close friends with Tzipporah since they were both G.O. heads. Lizzy became friends with a girl named Riva. One day Malka approached Rena and told her she wanted to tell her something very important. Rena was glad Malka was finally telling her about Lizzy and shared her happiness with Malka. Malka was disappointed that Rena did not stop thinking about her fight with Lizzy, so she did not end up telling Rena what she had wanted. Meanwhile, Malka began missing school on an almost daily basis, claiming she had to finish her computer programming course. Her classmates felt that she was not doing her job as student council head and G.O. president properly. Rena went along with them to ask the principal to appoint someone else. Upon hearing their complaints, the principal called Malka into her office to face her angry class. When Malka heard them all yell at her, she quickly resigned and left the office, but before doing so, she pulled something off her finger and threw it on the floor. Rena picked it up and remorse filled her when she realized it was the ring she had given Malka, inscribed with her name and the words “best friends forever”. Rena knew that by going along with her grade she had completely severed her relationship with Malka. Rena came home feeling very guilty and she finally decided to go over to Malka’s house and apologize. She rang the bell several times before a...

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