“For Better Or Worst A Social Worker Interventions''

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In “Social Work In the City: Rewards And Risks,” Monte Williams discussed the issues college students looked, at as social workers when they came across violent human behavior. The author stated, '' They said it was consistent with a social worker's outlook on violence – to always try to understand its roots” (p.1). The author discussed how the communication between individuals in social workers is important because the social work and social workers mindset can be the key to reduces dysfunctional actions. Unfortunately for social worker Tiffany F. Goldberg, who was assaulted by an unknown man in New York city, Williams believed her situation could have been avoided. As he stated '' If ...view middle of the document...

The author stated, “school social workers are among these concerned individuals and are in a unique positions to deal with students exhibiting violent behaviors'' (p.22) The author thinks that this is important because school social worker techniques can help children gain social competence and reduce violence. Cawood discussed the importance of how the findings of the survey provided a description of the school social worker and the issue of school based interpersonal violence. The author found that, this information could be useful to other social worker to help develop effective school violence intervention strategies as well for their schools.
In this article, Cawood also discussed how violent acts in the school may have came from issues within the family or community, and how the issue of school violence will no longer be viewed at as school based problem. He thinks that school social worker are important because they can help educated others about the links between school, families and communities by implementing anti-violence intervention programs. The majority of those students may have came from lower-income families and unfit homes who suffer from the lack of communication with other in isolation.
The author stated,
“That social workers should promote the deeper awareness of the strong relationship between early violence and later adolescent violence and advocate for the collection of data on elementary school violence at the district, state, and national level.
He feels that early prevention efforts are necessary because violent behavior usually occurs in younger children in the process of, developing aggressive behaviors such as kicking, hitting and screaming. The author also thinks the early the interventions the lower the adult reduction rate of aggression would occur. And this would be great in order to develop a safer society.
In “Social Work In the City: Rewards And Risks,'' After better understanding the authors perspective about social workers, as those who aim to alleviated the conditions of those in need of help. The author's thoughts in this article were relevant to my research topic...

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