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For Gay Marriage Essay

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In Andrew Sullivan’s article, "For Gay Marriage,” he appears to be so fully committed to democratic values that he seeks to extend equal rights in marriage to homosexuals. And he makes an admirable case for equality and dignity for all people, including homosexuals. Instead of begging the question or avoiding the issue, which is seen in many politic debates, Sullivan tries to persuade conservatives about the emotional, financial, and psychological bond between two people (Sullivan 30). By doing this, Sullivan attempted to argue that heterosexuals and homosexuals are the same. However, his lack of specific evidence and use of the logical fallacy, oversimplification, muddy and weaken his argument. This article, probably meant to show a sympathetic side in the debate about gay marriage, showed the overarching components for any marriage debate. Which, oddly enough, made Sullivan’s claims contradict his argument.
In the article, Sullivan’s argument is that the focal point of a marriage contract is an emotional, financial, and psychological bond between two people. Liberals are of the opinion heterosexuals and homosexuals are exactly the same on this point, as neither is more or less capable of making this connection. Gays and lesbians are also no more prone than heterosexuals in not upholding their fidelity in a union, or divorcing or separating. Liberals want the people to see that heterosexual couples have been failing at making marriage work for decades, perhaps longer. Thus, their logic would lead to the fact that homosexual couples should not have to prove that they can succeed, any person who loves their partner should be given the opportunity to make the sacrifices and commitment it takes to make marriage work.
Although Sullivan's meaning is well taken by sympathetic readers, the fact is that he could overcome much of the ambiguity of his presentation by citing more concrete studies, including long-term studies, which support his key points. For example, when he makes the assertion that "in some ways the marriage issue is exactly parallel to the military" (283), it is unclear exactly what he means. He believes that homosexuals are able to care for, defend us, as well as make sacrifices for our country, and they should be allowed to. “Such a denial is a case of unequal protection...

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