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For Hearing People Only Paper

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I learned many things from the first half of this book. It was also interesting to know that something’s that I thought was right was completely wrong. Two chapters that caught my attention were chapter 10: “Are there such things as accents among signers from different areas of the country or world?” and chapter 13:”Some of my Deaf friends react with dismay to the “ILY” sign. Don’t they like it?” These two were interesting to me because they were things that I never thought about before and they are so common.
Chapter 10 was interesting to me because I was not aware that there were accents and dialects in sign language. I guess that has to do with me being a hearing person. I knew that if a hearing person was signing that it would be easy for a deaf person to pick up that they were hearing. To me I would just look at a person signing and think that were from America, where a deaf person would see this person signing and know what part of the country the deaf person spent most of their life. In addition, I knew that a hearing person who graduated from college would most likely sound more intelligent than a hearing person who only finished middle school. I was not aware that a deaf person could tell that another deaf person was not educated.
I believed that all signing was the same and once you learned it your signing look just like every other deaf person. I could imagine that it would be hard for deaf people to pick up the accents or dialects compared to hearing people picking up accents or dialects. I believe this because with hearing people you will be able to hear the accent or dialect the moment a person starts talking but for deaf people you will have to wait until there was a word that is different from the way you learned how to sign. I feel as though it would be easier to detect an uneducated deaf person, well it would be easier for another deaf person to detect this. Because just like hearing people you will be...

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For Hearing People Only Paper

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