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What is globalization? Globalization is defined by our Perspectives on Globalization textbooks as the process that is making the world increasingly more interdependent economically, socially, politically and technologically, however this really doesn’t give us a great insight into whether this process is either beneficial or a detriment to society, it just gives us a blunt definition of what globalization is. Though there are differed opinions on this controversial topic, with the general consensus being in favour of globalization being a positive factor in society, however, several citizens believe that globalization is a negative force in our world due to its rather capitalistic view towards issues such as famine and poverty. Although the benefits of globalization are astounding, is it really worth sacrificing our morals for that extra dollar? The answer, most definitely, is no.
To many, the main issue behind the idea of globalization is that the benefits of this process only applies to the privileged few who control the corporate section of transnationals, and that these benefits are not shared among all aspects of these companies. A great example of this crime would be the American multi-billion dollar enterprise of department stores known as Wal-Mart, which is well known for not giving money back to the communities its stores are established in. It has been observed, in several cases, that when a Wal-Mart store opens in a town people flock to it because of its low prices. As a result of these actions, the local economy plummets and poverty and famine become rampant. This in turn, leads to the increased dependency on social programs, which are funded by the government, resulting in higher taxes causing those affected to become trapped in a vicious circle with no possible escape. The worst part about this is that this happens in locations all over the world, including our own nation of Canada, who prides itself on its social programs like universal health care. Certainly this alone is enough to see that globalization is a detriment to the modern world.

Continuing on the thought of globalization’s capitalistic mindset, globalization also promotes the exploitation of third world nations for cheap labour. The reason that this atrocity occurs is because transnational corporations (TNCs) need to meet the demand of products that they sell due to the creation of the universalization of popular culture (again, another product of globalization). As a result, TNCs are forced to expand into different nations to look for an ample...

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