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For Our Children: Enforce The Movie Rating System

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Entertainment is one of the most favorite pasttime for families to do in their free time. Movies, games, and TV shows, so many good ones, so little time. Parents are face with so many decisions when raising their children. Some decisions are not easy to make, ex: schools to send them too, daycare system, and place of residency. With the everyday stress that parents face, it is good to know that somebody is looking out for us. Entertainment ratings are a wonderful tool to allow the parents to know what is age-appropriate for our children.
Let us get started by giving you some background information on the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA). According to The Classification and Ratings Administration (CARA), MPAA began in 1922. Filmmakers would submit their films for approval to the Production Code Administration. The first MPAA President was Will Hays, and with his list of rules, known as The Hays Code. If the films were moral, they were approved, but if they was immoral they was not approved. (2011),
It is amazing that the movie industry started out so plain, either the film was accepted, or not. Therefore, how did they go from that to what it is today? In 1952, the U.S. Supreme court to step in to guarantee the film industry the right to freedom of speech. (Lucia, pg. 1) In the 1960’s, MPAA Chairman, Jack Valenti was faced with a few controversy films; where the filmmakers tested the limits that was once unacceptable. With the times changing, Jack knew he had to come up with something. Late 1968, the movie rating system was created; after reaching out to a couple of organization for feedback. All parties agreed to enforce the system to ensure the films was seen by the appropriate ages. (2011)
The rating system is designed to give parents background information on the film to show if it is meant for children, and what age group. These ratings are not to pass judgment on the film, or the film maker. “G” rating means General Audiences, all ages admitted. “PG” rating means Parental Guidance suggested which some material may not be suitable for children. “PG-13” means Parents strongly cautioned which some material may be inappropriate for children under 13. “R” rating means restricted which the film contains some adult material. “NC-17” stands for No One 17 and under admitted, patently adult; children are not permitted. The ratings are just guidelines for the parents to get more information on the movie before letting children view them. The ratings could be based on violence, drugs, sex, or certain behavior.
There are many views on the rating system. It is there to help guide adults on what to expect from the movie, and if you want your children to see the film. If there was not rating system, then you might walk into a movie that had nudity, and your 10-year-old was with you. This to parents could be offensive. On the other hand, you never heard of a horror flick having a “G” rating. When you see an “R”, or “NC-17” you can...

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