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For The Benefit Of Many Essay

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For the Benefit of Many
It was a cool crisp October night and a family was on their way home from a high school football game. The children were in the back seat playing quietly and the parents were having a pleasant conversation about the game. Suddenly the brakes squealed and the car skidded to an abrupt stop. What was this problem that just about caused an accident and could it have been avoided. This type of incident happens all over the United States and sometimes has a fatal ending. Deer are the cause of this problem and wildlife conservation is a way to help prevent future accidents. Wildlife conservation uses many tools that benefit animals and people. Hunting is a necessary tool used in wildlife conservation and should be considered the most effective way to control and manage the deer population.
Deer population has increased to levels that must be controlled. As the deer population grows so does the need for more habitat land to provide them food and shelter. The need for more habitat land is required for healthy deer, but there is less and less land available. Woodlands and rural farm lands, which are present habitat for deer, are disappearing as urban areas expand. More human- deer integration can be expected as housing developments and urban expansion continues to move in and take over deer habitat. Deer auto accidents are a result of an over population of deer being squeezed into less habitat, in which people have also invaded. The price of deer- auto accidents costs the people in forms of higher car insurance, taxes, and some even their lives. Hunting is one way people can help effectively control deer population and give back to the community instead of taking from it.
The increased deer population has a negative affect on plant life and even other animals. Plants are being eaten and underbrush is disappearing in areas that have more deer than the habitat can provide for. As the underbrush disappears, so does the protection for many small animals. Studies have been conducted and concerns made known about the deer over population problem. The deer population has been a problem for some time in parks like John Klein stated in the article titled, “Restoring Biodiversity by Lowering Deer Numbers at Shawnee Lookout (Ohio)”.
It became very evident beginning in the mid-1980s that numbers of white-tailed deer {Odocoileus virginianus) in the park were growing larger than the habitat could support. In the woods, a browse line had appeared where the deer had eaten nearly all palatable plants within their reach. Most biologists agree that high deer densities cause significant habitat damage and negative effects on biodiversity (Boucher et al. 2004).
The article appeared in the June 2010 issue of Ecological Restoration, so the problem is still real and needs to be addressed before it is too late. The problems caused by overpopulation of deer is not just isolated to one state, it also affects states all across the nation. “I see it...

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