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For The First Time Voter Id Card With Photo In Assam

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The main purpose of your Voter ID Card and name in the Voters’ List is to gain you access to the polling booth. Getting an access to the Electronic Voting Machine or the ballot box is of utmost priority for the considerate citizens who take out some time from their totally busy schedules to cast a vote for the betterment of the nation. Therefore, the process of allowing access to the polling booth is something which should be done with utmost care and the least number of errors.

The access to the polling booth is granted upon due verification of the identity of the citizen whose name is listed in the Voters’ List, which in turn is done by filling Voter ID Card Application Forms by the citizens. Both of these are so important for the whole election process that any error or discrepancy is totally undesirable. Hence the use of Electors’ Photo Identity Cards and Photo Voters’ List help reduce the possibilities of letting the wrong person cast a vote and hence distort the results.

Whenever a voter reaches the polling station, the polling officer instantly checks his/her name in the Voters’ List and then asks for their legitimate identity document so that it could be verified that the person in the list and the person presenting the document are the same and hence make sure that there is no forgery or bogus voting. One could imagine how an Electoral Roll with Photographs and Voter ID Card with the picture of the voter would make this verification easier and relatively error free.

Although there was one State that was deprived of such an ease of verification of voters. In Assam, the Voter ID Cards and Voters’ Lists with photographs were not available even till the last elections. Thereby giving an idea about the scope for error and discrepancies during the elections in this state.

Not Anymore

According to a news report from The Telegraph, the CEO Assam would commence the distribution of photo Voter ID Cards for the very first time from the second week of january 2014. This distribution of EPICs would take place in the 29 Assembly Constituencies and to around 40 Lakh voters. This move would surely be a boon for the Lok Sabha elections 2014, the very first elections in Assam that would be able to benefit from the distribution of EPICs. Therefore if you live in Assam, then you may very well fill...

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