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For The Love Of Rome Essay

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The horrific tale of The Tragedy of Julius Caesar is a well-constructed play written and produced by the notorious William Shakespeare. Shakespeare always edits his plays to create a tragic hero that is Marcus Brutus in this play. Brutus, the honorable Roman, endures different types of conflicts, which creates distinctive tragic flaws that lead to his death at the Battle of Philippi all for the love of his city.
Brutus exemplifies a man that is continuously diligent and discreet, which raises him up to become highly acclaimed throughout Rome (Mack 356; Hacht 339). Cassius ponders about the trust and reliability of Brutus and whether he can maintain these attributes (Shakespeare I. iii. ...view middle of the document...

ii. 82-88). Caesar is Brutus’s dearest friend, which is why Cassius says this to Brutus “Strike as thou didst at Caesar; for I know, /When thou didst hat him worst, thou lovedst him better” (Mack 358; Shakespeare IV. iii. 104-106). Even though Caesar and Brutus have their conflict differentials, they both expose the same character that lead to their downfalls (Cahn 329).
Brutus’s pride in himself leads him to having little common sense, which helps explain why killing Caesar is a reasonable idea (Cahn 329; 328). A true weakness of Brutus can be his lack of evaluating people accurately to his ability (Hacht 336). An example of this is the bond of trust between Brutus and Cassius, but the readers look at it as a manipulation technique from Cassius to get closer to Caesar (Shakespeare I. ii. 162-174; Shakespeare I. iii. 159). Another mistake Brutus makes is letting Antony bring Caesar in front of the people and letting him talk before the confused crowd and rioting them up (Shakespeare III. i. 220-231). His poor self-awareness skill blinds him to see the responsibility of his actions and the rights he gives to other (Hacht 339; 343). Near the end of his life, he realizes...

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