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For The Sake Of Our Country

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Many people think the best thing about America is its freedom... it's not. The best thing about America is the peace of mind its citizens have knowing their country is a safe place. They have the privilege of knowing that there are hardworking people dedicated to the protection of our nation. Wouldn't you want to help protect your country? As Henry Ford once said, "The only real security that a man can have in this world is a reserve of knowledge, experience, and ability." America is well equipped with experience and ability, but it's knowledge we lack. Americans willing to sacrifice their privacy so that their country can be safe are true Americans. The civil liberties of individuals ...view middle of the document...

As a result of these attacks, many Americans didn't feel safe. The country was in utter chaos and actions had to be taken to ensure an attack like this would never happened again ("What Happened on 9/11?").
Following this act of terrorism, Congress and President Bush put in place the Patriot Act as an attempt to quench the widespread panic in America and restore a feeling of safety once again. In order to address the issue of terrorist attacks and ensure the safety of the country, the United States took action. In October of 2001, the United States and its allies invaded Afghanistan. The United States also invaded Iraq in 2003. In the aftermath of 9/11, the United States decided that certain measures had to be taken so that future terrorist attacks could be detected and stopped before anyone gets hurt. Security was increased in airports and public buildings. The Department of Homeland Security was also created to help keep the United States safe from future terrorist attacks. Of all the actions taken to address this issue the Patriot Act of 2001 impacted the nation the most. Through this act, the government had the right to track individuals through surveillance and personal records as long as it is related to national security and would help to prevent possible acts of terrorism against the nation ("What Happened on 9/11?").
The Patriot Act was vital in preventing future acts of terrorism. The government response of putting in place the Patriot Act was necessary in order to help prevent another terrorist attack. This allowed for America to become a safer country. In fact, fifty terrorist attacks have been prevented after the passage of the Patriot Act (Carafano, Bucci, & Zuckerman). American citizens are better protected by this government response because there is better security to monitor and prevent future terrorist attacks from occurring. Although the rights of American citizens were violated by the ratification of the Patriot Act, the safety of the country is far more important and therefore deserves priority. The Patriot Act also helped to stop Richard Reid. Reid had planned to light the fuse to explosives hidden in his shoe while boarding a flight from Paris to Miami. Luckily he was caught in the act and had been arrested. Increased security in airports as a result of the Patriot Act stopped Reid from killing thousands of innocent people (McNeill, Carafano, & Zuckerman). The positives of putting in place the Patriot act outweigh the negatives because without a safe country, what is the point of having rights? Besides, if people are following the law then there is nothing for them to hide.
Opponents of the Patriot Act believe that civil liberties are more important than the protection of the country. As mentioned in ,"Privacy and the Patriot Act" the position held by those who disagree with the view that national security is more important that the civil liberties of individuals believe that the ratification of the Patriot act was...

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