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Traveling to another country, and being situated in some dangerous situations opens ones eyes and helps ones gain experience. In the book Forbidden City by William Bell, Alexander jackson is a seventeen year old boy that travels with his father Ted who is a camera man that works for CBC news. In this novel Alexander Jackson goes from innocence to experience. He developes as a caring, responsible human being and grows up through his experience in China. Alex before his journey to China is a typical teenager. Therefore he gets some experiences that change his point of view during the journey. After his journey he returns to Canada ;however, he is not a typical teenager anymore. Alex before his journey to China is an ordinary teenager like the other ones. He enjoyes playing, watching TV, going out, and doing what ever a teen ager likes to do. One of his major hobbies is military stuff. Actually he is a military buff and he enjoyes playing with tiny leaden soldiers that we can distinguish by their clothes. War in Alex' mind is just a strategic game where leaders control the armies and change their tactics to conquer the land.The books that I read about this said the soldiers were lined up as if to protect the tumulus from desecration but I'm sure thats dead wrong. It has to be. You dont face towards what you're defending-any fool know that-you face away from what you're defending. You face the enemy. (page 5,6) In fact he sees a positive face of war that is intersting and entertaining much like in movies and games. When Alex goes to China he gets some experiences that change his life totally. During those days in China there is lack of free dom for people especially students that make them unsatisfactory.In China you didnt choose where you're going to work,Alex.If you live in the country on a farm and you want to move into city you can't.... Here the news is managed totally. The chines have cynical but true saying.(page 39,44) Alex sees the students ask for more freedom and for basics rights ;however, their government does not respond to their demands. When the students realize that government does not care about their request, they demonstrate. During this demonstration civilians also help the demonstrators because they know that the students requests are reasonable and also they know the government is corrupt.The powerful men and...

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1078 words - 5 pages delivered to the prison-camp he cannot even tie his shoes. Arranged marriages is an evident tradition in Confucian culture. The changing China from Imperialism to a republic is portrayed well. One example of the revolution was Reginald, the tutor going to the Forbidden City and the car is surrounded by revolutionaries gathering outside the walls of the Forbidden City. After Piyu, his wives, remaining servants and tutor were kicked out of the

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1185 words - 5 pages Forbidden City in China used yellow and red as dominant tones, because of traditional opinions in China. Chines believe yellow is the imperial color, flowing over the rooftops reflects honor of the emperor. “Red color of the walls was considered symbol of happiness and auspiciousness.” that is why ancient architects selected red as main tone of the Forbidden City. However, Chinese believe that black represents water and could extinguish fire. Wenyuange

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