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No one knows victory until you work for it and fail a few times, as for me, i'm still working to find my victory in this new age of the settlers invading my homeland. I wish to prove myself to my father, he believes I cannot do anything because I am woman, but I shall prove him wrong! What he does not understand is I am Aiyana, daughter of the Croatoan chief, his blood,the blood of a champion.
As I violated my fathers wishes I ran through the forest, looking for my victory, when I came across something foreign to mine eyes. As I look out to where the sun meets the earth I find something what looks like giant white clouds. These big clouds came closer and closer, as they did big brown things that looked like giant hollowed trees, were attached to them. I ran back to my village to alert my father. As I was on my way everyone runs past me toward the hill where i stood, including my father, Haliwa. These people, with faces white as snow, ...view middle of the document...

He is afraid I will get kidnapped and I try to persuade him that that was all in the past and this is now, and he would always ignore me but I'm okay with that, I never really ask his permission to do anything because he always says no. He’s always getting angry with me when I leave after I am told not to, but he needs to let me go and explore before I get to old.
“Aiyana!!!!!” my fathers voice cuts through me like a knife.
“Yes father?” I say with a voice smooth as silk.
“Aiyana I need to go to a few of our sister tribes to learn more about these intruders. I need you to stay here while I am gone, you must stay in this tepee and not leave.”
“Fine I will stay here,” I lied to him, so after he left i ran out into the woods and tripped over a stump in the woods. I looked up at the man I saw earlier on the big canoe, he helped me up and said his name was James Wood, he was under the command of John Smith who was the governor of the new colony there. We talked for a few hours about why they were there.
“Why are you all here James Wood?”
“We are trying to settle here. We hope to get another ship with more settlers to come here.”
“But why do you wish to invade my land?”
“Because… well I'm not sure why, thats a question for John Smith. Hey I just got an amazing idea, you should come back to the colony and meet him.”
“I can't leave my father and village. My father told me not to even be out here.”
“Aiyana!!!!!!!!!!!” I hear my father scream from the village.
I start to run back when James stops me,”When will I see you again?”
“Never!” I scream as I run, “I should never have been here.” I get back to the village and my father screamed at me when I got back.
“Im sorry father it was an accident I was just curious of the new white faces.”
“OK father I promise.”
(Roanoke Colony)

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