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She turned, her eyes sparkling like fresh rainwater.
“Thank you,” she whispered. She pulled a glittering object from underneath her cape. With a shock, he realized it was a tiara. She placed it gently on her head, and he kneeled.
“Your Highness,” he said, “Forgive me. I knew not who you were.” She looked around and placed a finger on her lips.
“You mustn’t tell anyone,” she whispered. She lifted him to his feet and gently placed a kiss on his lips. “Remember this night, my hero.”
Will awoke in a cold sweat. The memory still burned in his mind. His lips still tingled. An object flew through his window.
“Will!” an urgent whisper came from below. He rushed to the window, not believing his ears.
“Your Highness?” he called. The figure below placed a finger to her lips and nodded weakly.
“Can I come up?” she whispered.
“Hold on,” he told her. He grabbed a shirt and rushed down the stairs. He threw on his shirt and opened the ...view middle of the document...

The feathers of an arrow stuck out of her chest, quivering in her fragile breathing. He gripped the shaft of the arrow firmly and pulled. She bit down on the apple in alarm. The arrow came loose and he covered the wound with the cloth. She cried out and the apple fell from her mouth. He covered her mouth with his hand just as a scream escaped. He placed her hand over the cloth. “Hold it down,” he told her as he rushed to grab bandages. “Apply pressure,” he called to her. He frantically searched the shelves. “Please let me have some,” he muttered under his breath. He found a basket full and hurried back to her side. She was barely clinging on to life, much less the cloth. “Stay awake,” he begged her as he wrapped the bandages around her tightly. She sighed, and he thought he had lost her, but her chest rose and fell again in a steady rhythm. He realized she was sleeping. He watched her for hours until he too fell asleep, gripping her hand tightly.
Morning came and with it a voice.
“Will, it’s morning,” the voice called. He thought he was dreaming until she spoke again, “Will, wake up!” She threw a pillow at him.
“You lived!” he shouted, sitting up. He grabbed her in a hug, and she cried out in pain. “Sorry,” he let go of her, “Too tight?” She nodded, gripping her chest. When she caught her breath, she smiled, and he thought it was the most beautiful smile he had ever seen.
“When’s breakfast?” she asked, “I’m famished.” He smiled, they were making progress.
“Do you feel faint at all?” he asked, checking her face for signs. She shook her head.
“Well, a little,” she held her head in her hands. “I thought it was hunger, but then I realized it must be because of blood loss.” She indicated the blood-stained cloth and the red on her previously white dress. Will nodded.
“Do you, do you remember what happened?” he asked cautiously. She nodded.
“Mostly. I was trying to get out of the castle to see you. I was almost out, but someone must have seen me because an arrow flew through the air beside my ear. I felt a sharp pain in my chest, but I didn’t stop. I was so afraid. I ran until I thought I might faint. I stopped in front of your house with barely any energy left. You know the rest of the story.” She sighed.

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