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Have you ever wondered how force works on objects? Well in my physics class our book, Inquiry Into Physics, it begins to explain what it is. Force is a push or pull acting on a body which usually causes some distortion of the body, a change in its velocity, or both (27). Force is measured in Newtons or pounds. Force can be hard to describe, but I am going to do my best to make it understandable.
The most common type of force in our lives is weight, according to the book Inquiry Into Physics (28). Weight is used on a very regular basis in so many peoples’ lives. I use it quite frequently now that the holidays are over and it summer is right around the corner. I want to be able to look decent when I go out to the lake for a swim. I rely on my weight to help me get my body to a healthier state. Even though muscle weighs more than fat on the body, I still want to keep my fat percentage down, while raising the amount of muscle I have. Weight is determined by the mass of the object and where it is located. For instance, on Earth I weigh nearly 200 pounds, but if I was on the mean it would be much less than that. The gravity acting on Earth is much higher than that of the gravitation on the moon. Although I do not want to weigh 200 pounds at all, with either fat or muscle. I would much rather weigh 200 pounds and have less body fat with more muscle.
Friction is also considered a force. Friction is when there is some sort of resistance between two or more objects that have a physical contact. Friction is also occurring constantly, but it is usually ignored until it either becomes a problem or could help us out. For example in the middle of winter, the day after an ice storm, would you just walk outside in a pair of shoes that did not have any traction to them? My answer would be no. If I were to walk outside on the ice in an old pair of tennis shoes where the bottom of them were alomost completely gone, I would slip and fall. Why? The lack of friction between my shoe and the ice would cause my feet to slip out from underneath me. Instead, if I were to go outside...

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