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Forced child prostitution is all over the world. However I am talking specifically about human trafficking overseas. This is one of the most known places for Child Prostitution. Children are being snatched and forced to do drugs and sell their bodies to make money for the pimp’s. This is an issue to our country because our children are being kidnapped. We really can’t do much here because they are extremely hard to find. When you’re running a business like this you have to make sure you never get caught because if they find you, there will be hell to pay. The least penalty there is for forced child prostitution is life in prison. Keep reading as I start to unravel different facts ...view middle of the document...

This “law” was passed to keep white women and girls from trying or thinking about getting jobs. If they broke these rules they would be forced into prostitution.

“The League of Nations was founded after the WWI, and had the goal maintaining world peace and also focusing on international issues such as human trafficking. The Suppression of White Slave Traffic was changed to "traffic in women and children" so that everyone was included with no discrimination to race ("When"). Children of both genders were also recognized as victims of trafficking. In addition, two major studies were conducted, one in the West and one in the East, in an attempt to find out the real status of trafficking in these areas. Factors that were measured included the number of women engaged in prostitution, the demand, and the surrounding environment of the women who were trafficked. Information was also gathered about the traffickers (Kangaspunta). This was a step toward gaining more insight about the issue of human trafficking.” (Eden Rutgers, 2011).

Human Trafficking violates human rights in many ways. One reason is because the women involved in this act are being forced to do things they don’t want to such as selling their bodies, doing harsh drugs and being abused by pimps.

According to, twenty-seven million people are in modern-day slavery across the world right now. It also states that eight-hundred thousand people are being trafficked across the international border every year. Fifty percent of these people are children and eighty percent are women and girls. Seventy percent of the victims who are women are sold into human trafficking so thirty percent are sold into forced labor.

One-hundred sixty-one countries are affected by the human trafficking industry. Thirty-two billion dollars is the amount of profit they made from the human trafficking industry. Also according to, fifteen point five billion dollars is made in industrialized countries. Nine point seven billion was made in China. Thirteen thousand dollars per year was made from forced labor. This can go up to as high as around sixty-seven thousand dollars per victim a year.

Two-hundred forty-four thousand is the amount of American children and women that will be kidnapped and sold into the human trafficking industry this year alone. This could be you, your mom or even your little nine year old sister. When these people come over here they just see dollar signs. They don’t think about the families that go through the grief and heartbreak. It is two-hundred forty-four thousand families that go through this every year.

The fastest growing criminal enterprise is Online Human Trafficking. This is the fastest growing criminal industry because it is very simple and easy to make a craigslist account and make it private so that it is almost impossible for a detective or anyone to hack into it to see what is going on. These people have an auction. They...

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