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Forced Labor Essay

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In a Fox 26 interview that took place in a county jail, a woman stated that she had been placed in prostitution by her own mother while she was only in the first grade. Another stated she had four children which of whom the fathers were unknown. Today there is a terrifying large unknown number of the actual amount of human trafficking that takes place in our country. While we do not hear much about the grueling details of what happens during this process, it is real and there are women, children, and men facing this issue today. While they are forced into the matter as children the behavior continues into adulthood. Facing this issue, the victims of human trafficking find themselves in jail and prisons for their actions they've been told to do their entire lives. It is not fair that we punish these men and women for doing things they have been threatened and taught to do in earlier stages of their lives.
In the year of 2009 a movie titled "Taken" was created that explored into the world and how the subject works. Staring in the moving Liam Neeson plays the role of a father whose daughter is kidnapped and forced into human trafficking during a visit to another country, France. In the movie the women who are kidnapped are shown to be forced by drugs, weapons, violence, and a very threatening expectancy to prostitute their bodies for money. Although the movie shows great courage and a positive ending of finding his daughter, not all cases follow through as such in reality. There are thousands if not millions of those who are stuck in this awful business with no way out.
Trafficking has three main elements to its process. The elements consist of the act, the means of it, and the purpose. Within the act of human trafficking those who fall victim are transported, kidnapped, and haboured. The means of it is to use threats or force, abduction occurs, fraud, and complete control of the victim. During this stage payments or amounts of money is exchanged for benefits to the one buying off the victim. The purpose is exploitation and prostitution. During trafficking there is forced labour, slavery, and even in some cases the removal of organs. Current laws against human trafficking state that there will be a sentencing of 3-5 years in jail if convicted and 4-8 years total if the victim is a minor under the age of 18. The kidnapping contains 3-8 years in prison while kidnapping to commit sexual crime is life in jail with possibility of parole.
While there is penalties for those who forcefully put the men, women, and children who are effected in these situations the behavior sometimes continues...

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