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Forced Trip Forward Essay

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I trudged behind Xavier, wringing out my hair as I walked along. Though we had been long gone from the water, I still seemed to be dripping wet.

"What? Nothing to say?"

Looking up, I stared at the back of Xavier's head. "What am I supposed to say?"

Xavier shrugged silently.


I looked to my side and saw Hunter. "Hunter!" I smiled and ran to him.

Hunter laughed as I collided into his arms, then frowned. "Why are you so wet?"

"Your sister here decided that she was going to get away by jumping off a waterfall," Xavier walked over then crossed his arms, popping his hip to the side.

"At least you're okay," Hunter sighed. He then moved me away from Xavier, sending a glare his way.

Xavier scoffed then rolled his eyes. "I understand you don't like me, but honestly. Really?"

"You haven't proven yourself to me yet. You're uncertain in your moods and that makes me nervous," Hunter commented.

"Actually," I stepped in. "If it wasn't for Xavier, I'd be up in the skies," I looked down, finding myself unable to gaze at Xavier, who I assumed had a smirk on his face.

"What do you mean?" Hunter gasped.

"People already know that you're trying to leave a-"

"We aren't _trying_ to leave. You're _forcing_ us to leave," Hunter gave a disapproving look to Xavier.

"Sure, say it how you want. I'm actually helping you. People already know that we've left. You both are more important than you think. People don't want you to leave. So, they're either kill you or keep you both here," Xavier's tone grew quiet.

"What's so special about us?" Hunter asked, raising an eyebrow.

"That, I'm actually not supposed to tell you. When we get there, then I can tell you. Now come on, especially after that incident. We really need to get going," Xavier motioned his head towards ahead. "Understand?"

I nodded...

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