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Forces and Trends ResearchIntroductionThis paper will discuss the research findings in the forces and trends of E-diets and Verizon Wireless. An environmental analysis on both companies was completed to aid in these researchers' efforts. The industry and remote environments were evaluated to better assess the current situation. Industry environments will provide research on the following forces and trends; buyer power, supplier power, substitute availability and competitive rivalry. Remote environments will focus on economic, social and technological forces and trends. Analyzing several forces and trends affecting the industry and remote environments will provide continued excellence in both organizations.Industry EnvironmentAvailability of SubstitutesAvailability of substitutes is the ability for a competitor to offer similar products at lower prices. Customers who perceive another product as equal or higher quality at a lower price may switch brands. The relevance of this force to E-diets is the increase in demand for healthy lifestyles that influence other businesses to enter the industry. The strategic adaptability for the force is the wide variety of products offered. A wide variety of products and services has established a large customer base that consumers are comfortable with. As a well established organization E-diets has the advantage of lowering prices to meet or beat competitors.Supplier PowerSupplier power is the ability of a company to operate with or without existing suppliers. E-diets's and Verizon Wireless's supplier groups are very large organizations that are independent. Supplier groups for E-diets include stable companies such as Atkins, The Blood Type Diet, Trim Kids, and many other organizations. Suppliers are not dependant upon E-diets, but seek affiliation to increase their marketing efforts with minimal costs. Substitute supplier are likely to become available as companies seek alternatives for gaining profits and decreasing marketing costs. E-diets cannot become an independent supplier since the organization is considered a online distributor and can and can compared to CostCo Corporation. Suppliers can end their affiliation with E-diets but risks losing profits from loyal customers of E-diets.In the wireless industry suppliers are the ones that provide the devices and the network. Carriers typically have their own networks and don't rely in network suppliers. On the other hand, suppliers of the handsets and air cards, have a great control over the carriers. Device makers such as Nokia, Motorola, LG, Siemens, Samsung and others are the leading manufacturers and providers of handsets to Verizon Wireless. The relevance of this force is the distribution of newer devices to carriers based on the technology offered, such as CDMA and GSM. GSM products tend to be more attractive to the consumer and are available sooner to the carrier that supports that network.Buyer PowerBuyer power is the ability of customers to bring prices...

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