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Running head: FORCES AND TRENDSForces and TrendsMMPBL/590 - Strategies for Competitive AdvantageUniversity of PhoenixForces and TrendsAccording to Pearce & Robinson (2004) "A host of external factors influence a firm's choice of direction and action and, ultimately, its organizational structure and internal processes. These factors, which constitute the external environment, can be divided into three interrelated subcategories: factors in the remote environment, factors in the industry environment, and factors in the operating environment" (p. 78) This paper will analyze six different organizations - the United States Air Force, Barrick Gold Corporation, Kimberly Clark, Starbucks, JP Morgan Chase, and XX - in order to understand some of the forces or trends which may impact the future of their operations. The authors will also examine the concept of strategic adaptability and its relevance in light of the aforementioned companies.Strategic AdaptabilityStrategic Adaptability is modifying a company strategy to changing conditions. "External factors influence a firm's choice of direction and action and, ultimately, its organizational structure and internal processes. These factors, which constitute the external environment, can be divided into three interrelated subcategories: factors in the remote environment, factors in the industry environment, and factors in the operating environment… In combination, these factors form the basis of the opportunities and threats that a firm faces in its competitive environment," (Pearce & Robinson, 2004, p. 78). To create an experience unlike its competitors, Starbucks must constantly evaluate all areas of their business while capitalizing on economies of scale and eliminating redundancies.According to Brown (2007), "the corporate environment is characterized by a number of variables: competition, dynamism, turbulence, complexity and change. All organizations must develop [an] ability to continuously and consciously transform themselves and their contexts. Such contexts include restructuring for optimum effectiveness, reengineering key processes and streamlining functions that are able to provide a source of competitive advantage" (¶ 1). In order to allow adaptability, managers need to be open to change and embrace it - it is a matter of having a different perpective of the world.The organization must view change as an inevitable and essential part of an organization's growth, in order to achieve this adaptability. Strategic adaptability is an organization's capacity to identify major changes in its external environments, quickly commit resources to new courses of action in response to such changes. However, strategic adaptability also includes planning for change and using research to identify trends in the firm's remote, industry and operating environment (Brown, 2007). World-class successful organizations and industry leaders such a...

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