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Critical Thinking Styles and Forces of InfluenceColour Corps has been involved with projects that fall into the area of organizational change, organizational design, and organizational effectiveness. These projects have all focused on the improvement of the organizational structure and competency of our staff within the organization. A management team was put together to look at various ways to implement new control measures and design reports to spot variances in inventory quantities. The findings were then presented to the board. The Board of Directors made the decision to replace all prior control measures with the new control measures and reports. This was to be implemented by the end of December 2003. The first task of the management team was to evaluate the current control measures in place within the warehouse and retail store. After this data was attained, the team put together their recommendations for control procedures, policies, and how reports should be designed. This information was given to the CEO and others for the final decision to be made.The next phase was the implementation of the new control measures. These measures were provided to all department managers. They in turn, were to train their staff in the new control procedures and enforce the new policy. Upon completion of the design format, the redesigned reports were installed and limited access was granted to the retail store manager and limited warehouse personnel. All prior reports and control measures were removed from the network. The corporation's new Inventory Control policy was then put in place. The new policy states that any adjustments to inventory were to be made only by authorized warehouse personnel or the retail store manager. Special orders and purchases for product were designated to one employee within the warehouse. There are however, a few exceptions to this policy. One exception is if an employee from the Finance department needs to view and print out inventory reports or monitor variances and adjustments. They will be granted access by signing onto the network with an identifiable log-on. The other exception is if the user is an executive or an executive's secretary, they will also be able to view and print out reports in preparation for board meetings. After implementation there were some problems with the new policy. The first issue was that some employees felt the control measures became very tedious in nature for everyone involved. They felt that it was unproductive for them to try and locate, or wait for, management to make adjustments or print out reports. An end user went to the warehouse manager and asked that they be allowed access to the network when the manager was unavailable. This user persuaded the manger to bring this issue up at a managerial meeting. The managers decided that access should be granted to specific personnel within respective departments. After it was brought to my attention that the policy was going to be...

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