Forcing Belligerent Action On Gay Marriage

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A loving couple just moves into the house of their dreams, one is a music teacher at the local charter school; the other is fulfilling their dream by becoming a beautician at the Paul Mitchell Beauty School in the next town over. The neighbors stop and stare as the couple gets settled into their new home. They do not know what to think of it, this couple is much different in their eyes, something they are not use to seeing in their community until today. The difference with this couple is that they are gay.
Laws affecting the LGBT community are everywhere in the world today; everything from legal recognition of same-sex marriage, to the death penalty as punishment for homosexual actions. LGBT rights are human rights and civil rights. Gay couples are very limited to what they can do in our society. The United States may not be the worst but we are still discriminating and it is wrong.
The recognition of same-sex marriage is a political, social, human rights and civil rights issue. Some gay marriages in America are referred to as ‘civil unions’. The spouse cannot get covered under the others health care programs, they cannot get legal protections such as inheritance and hospital visitation rights and cannot combine their taxes at tax time. Most of the anti-gay marriage arguments involve religion, but we should not impose our religious beliefs to those who do not share the same religion as us.
When looking to find the opposite side of the debate on gay marriage, I wanted to find something that really seemed credible, and I knew it was from real people of America, and not just a journalist who can only represent a small percentage. I know one of my sources is not an academic paper, nor is it an article, but it helped me see what people in America truly think about gay marriage. I didn’t want it to focus on religion views. Polikoff writes about how she says that gay marriage will not dismantle the structure for gender in every marriage. Knowing this, it is easy to see why people might be opposed to it. Adam, an author from an article I read, takes us back to 1995 when Utah first set up a Defense of Marriage Act, commonly known as DOMA. Polikoff and Adam both agree that the panic in the USA about gay marriage is startling, stating that it will ruin marriage for all. A claim was made that if we let gay people marry then we should let owners marry their pets, incest will be okay, and polygamy is fine as well. Many outrageous claims were made about why they cannot marry, many more than I believed there was.
DOMA I have found really affected the lives of homosexual couples in America. Homosexual couples are able to get married in certain states but their marriages are not seen at the federal level. In November of 2008 we saw the Anti-Gay people of America push Prop 8 into legislation. This proposition hurt over 18,000 newly married couples in the United States. Prop 8 put a constitutional ban on gay marriage in America. Many months had passed without...

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