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Company BackgroundAs the second-largest automobile company in the world, Ford Motor Company represents a $164 billion multinational business empire (, 2014). Known primarily as a manufacturer of automobiles, Ford also operates Ford Credit, which generates more than $3 billion in income, and owns The Hertz Corporation, the largest automobile rental company in the world. Ford Motor Company (Ford) is a producer of automobiles. The Company together with its subsidiaries is engaged in other businesses, including financing vehicles. The Company operates in two segments: Automotive and Financial Services. Automotive includes Ford North America, Ford South America, Ford Europe, and Ford Asia Pacific Africa region. Financial services include Ford Motor Credit Company and Other Financial Service.Competitive AdvantagePESTEL analysis framework has six sections: Political, Economic, Sociocultural, Technological, Environmental, and Legal Ford Motor Company has seen its fair share of industry dynamics since its early days. In most recent days the factors that play into each part of the "PESTEL" analysis are not much different from those of the past. However the emphasis that is placed on each one seems to be increasing exponentially. Political Factors: The political environment of the US today seems to be widening more and more with each election and campaign. There are so many specialty groups petitioning for this or that which makes life difficult for a large firm in which tries to attract people from all backgrounds. Ford has done a good job of maintaining its image as a workers truck. As was stated before in other posts, Ford also attracts the attention of other types of social-economic groups with its "high-class" expensive luxury lines of vehicles. The political factors seem to be a combination of the following categories in the PESTEL analysis. Economic Factors: Ford Motor Company has suffered just as the rest of the auto industry in the past years. As was mentioned previously their ability to maintain a level of business that enabled them to stay afloat when others were taking handouts was an example of their ability to adapt to changing economic circumstances. Not only was the auto industry hammered during the recession of 2008, but shortly following that was the collapse of the banking industry. Ford Motor Company's ability to stay above water with their financing capabilities was impressive as well. Sociocultural Factors Ford in recent months has increased their advertising to help consumers understand that Ford is an innovative and exciting company with new and pertinent vehicles that are sleek in design and capability. One of the things that they are focusing on is the environmental factors which we will talk about later. They are playing to all types of consumers also... one of the consumer classes that I would have never thought about for a new car is that of the new driver. Ford has increased their advertising to new...

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