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Ford Motor Company As A Company

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The company’s competitors are,
According to annual report on Ford motor company (1988), the chief competitors of Ford Company are Volkswagen, Toyota, BMW, Daymler Chrysler, General motors’ Honda, and Nissan. Major customers are Hertz Hewlett-Packard, GE, Merck, Rent A-Car, and other commercial accounts and millions of individual.
Strengths are competitive advantages or core competencies that give a company an advantage in meeting the needs of its target markets. According to Annual Report of Ford Motor Company (1998), Ford Company has an excellent leadership and management strengths. The company have an excellent knowledge and analytics of the global market
1. Commitment to environment protection by developing low emissions technologies
2. Same spares can be used in multiple models in what is termed as virtual assemblies
3. Innovations in technology and procedures like virtual assembly line, single model, and centralized global risk management frame work.
4. Excellent brand equity with legacy strengths and high levels of dignity for ford brand heritage at the global level.
Weaknesses are any limitations that a company faces in implementing or developing a strategy. Ford motor company depends entirely on automotive manufacturing and supply thus luck of diversification. The inability to establish sustainable markets in high end car models has led to the sale of land rover and jaguar car models. Ford motor company has no parent company thus all the accountability of make or break lies with the company.

1. Losing strengths to markets in the united states
2. Not able to tap opportunities in small and medium segments where the motor market is the largest
3. Paying premiums in the single supplier model
4. High debts but no tangible consolidated efforts of cost management

Company supply chain approach
According to Ferrell and Pride (2010), supply chain is a set of approaches employed to incorporate the functions of marketing channel management, operations management, supply management, and logistics management to...

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