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Ford Motor Company Code Of Business Conduct And Ethics For Members Of The Board Of Directors

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The Board of Directors for The Ford Motor Company has implemented an additional Code of Business Conduct and Ethics for their directors. It was created in order to help them access ethical risk factors, provide guidance and support when dealing with ethical issues, and uphold the integrity of the company (Ford Motor Company pg. 1). With these guiding principles set forth, all directors must comply and adhere to the codes, as well as promptly report any questionable situations and/or circumstances directly to the Chairman of the Board of Directors, the Chair of the Nominating and Governance Committee or the Presiding Director who will take the necessary steps to deal with any issues (Ford Motor Company pg. 1). Directors must steer clear of any situations that would create a conflict of interest between a director and the Company (Ford Motor Company pg. 1). Certain instances in which to abstain from include any relationship of the Company with any third – parties, compensation from non-Company sources, Gifts, and personal use of Company assets (Ford Motor Company pg. 2). Ford Motor Company states, “Directors are prohibited from taking for themselves personally any opportunities related to the company’s business, using the company’s property, information, or position for personal gain and competing with the company for business opportunities.” (Ford Motor Company pg. 2). All directors must ensure confidentiality and use discretion for divulging any and all non-public information relating to the company (Ford Motor Company pg. 2). Directors are committed to providing a safe and healthy environment in which to promote fair dealing (Ford Motor Company pg. 2). This includes but is not limited to maintaining a full compliance with laws, rules and regulations (Ford Motor Company pg. 2-3). It is the role of the directors to maintain an open door policy to promote ethical behavior in the workplace and ensure an atmosphere in which employees are able to comfortably discuss and/or report any illegal or ethical activity (Ford Motor Company pg. 3).
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