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Global Competition Ford has been successful in the business world, in its attempts to gain a competitive advantage in the increasingly competitive world of the automotive industry. Continually growing in size Ford is no longer known as a purely American company. With plants located in the United States, Europe, Asia, Central and South America, as well as a Canadian based division, the company employs thousands of workers and provides cars, parts, and services to millions of customers globally. To remain globally and domestically, Ford has acquired other automakers such as Jaguar, Volvo, and majority shares in the Mazda Corporation.3 Ford also owns and produces the Mercury and Lincoln automotive lines. With these companies in hand, Ford is able to produce some of the most affordable, customer friendly vehicles, such as the Ford Focus (the 2001 Consumer Reports Compact Car of the Year), Ford Ranger, and Mazda Protégé. Concurrently, Ford is able to produce such luxury vehicles as the Lincoln Navigator, Jaguar X and S type, and Lincoln LS. Ford has acquired all shares of the Hertz Corporation.3 Hertz deals in the rental car industry worldwide, offering customers each of the auto lines that Ford offers. Recently, Hertz in an effort to reach high-end customers began offering the upper echelon of the auto line making cars such as the Lincoln Backwood and Jaguar S-type convertible available to customers in larger cities. Rather than watching their customers look elsewhere for financing needs, Ford has expanded its services to include the Ford Financial Services Division.4 This new division of the business provides financing, insurance, and vehicle and equipment leasing. Adding these services to the company has allowed dealerships to lower the prices on vehicles being sold off the lot, while at the same time...

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