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Ford Mustang Essay

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The beginningThe Mustang started it's life when the baby boomers were just starting to drive. A brief scan of the auto industry leaves little choices. Most new cars were those of a kids parents. These cars were usually big and bulky. The new performance cars were the Corvette and the Thunderbird, but these cars were to expensive for a teenager to afford. Other sportier cars were foreign. Like the MG or the Austin Martin, but these cars offered little performance. There were also the hot rodders. These people took cars from the '30's and '40's most of which were the Ford Flat head. These engines started as a 60 or 80 horsepower. When these kid's finished with them they usually looked like a junker on the outside, but if one opened the hood they would find a piece of art work.Lee Iacocca realized this problem and went to work on a new type of car. He wanted it to have a long hood short rear deck like the Lincoln Continental. It had to have a sporty look and be affordable. In 1962 a number of clay models were made. Iacocca wanted to display the car at the 1964 World's Fair, and time was running out. A design contest was held. Full size clay models had to be made in two weeks a process that usually took months.No one was eager to gamble on a new Idea. Committee after committee turned Iacocca down. Iacocca convinced the only man hePage 3had to, Henry Ford II.Now there was another problem a name. Many people thought that it should be Cougar the name of the design winners. Others thought that it should be Torrino, T-5, or the Thunderbird 2, Iacocca wanted it to be Mustang after the WWII fighter plane.1965 to 1966In April of 1964 their was a TV and media blitz. On all of the major TV channels Ford ran a big ad. Newsweek and Time carried the story in the same week. It was also the first car to receive the Tiffany Award of Excellence. Mustang fever hit and hit big. It caused riots when four million people stampeded the dealerships. The dealers had to sell to the highest bidder. It looked great, had low, cost, and a long list of options.There were four different models the coupe, fastback 2+2, convertible and the GT. These first Mustangs were mostly made fromthe Ford Falcon. This was to keep the costs down. The Mustang later drove the Falcon out of buyers.The engines were a 200 six cylinder which generated 115 hp. The first engine option was the 260 V-8. Which had a 2v (2 barrel carburetor). This was available in 1965 only. The 289 was the most popular engine this was available in 2v and 4v carburetors. This hadPage 4200 hp for the 2v and 220 for the 4v. The biggest performance was the 289 HIPO. This had a 4v carburetor and a solid lifter camshaft. This engine made 271 hp.The base price was $2,360. For that a person got a coupe, with a 200 six cylinder engine,and a three speed manual transmission. The Mustang had a big appeal among women. Iacocca realized this and had an ad campaign specifically toward women.In 1964 Mustang was the official pace car of the...

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