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Ford's Failure Of The 50's, The Edsel

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First produced in 1958, The Edsel was produced by inspiration of Henry Ford’s Son, Edsel Ford, who passed away on May 26th, 1943. The Edsel was only on production for 3 years. Only about 160,000 Edsels were produced in that time period due to the lack of sales (Skinner). This model of car was discontinued in 1960 and the failure cost Ford Motor Company millions of dollars. There are still a few thousand Edsels in existence and there are clubs around the world founded exclusively for owners of the Ford Edsel.
Edsel Bryant Ford was born on November 6th, 1893. This was around the time that cars started rolling out onto the dirt roads. (Ford Corporate) Edsel did not like horse drawn carriages ...view middle of the document...

These plans eventually came into play and were successful.
Edsel Ford passed away on May 26th 1943 because of stomach cancer. (Skinner) He was only 49 at the time of his death. Throughout his life, Edsel did so many great things for the Ford Motor Company and his dad. The two had a great father-son relationship in his childhood and also for his life as well.
In 1958, the Ford Motor Company thought it would be a great idea if they name there new car after the company founder's son. The main intent of the Edsel was to make the car look unique to Ford due to the fact that many cars looked very similar to each other. (Skinner)This issue was brought up by the Ford Motor Company in 1956. The 1958 Edsel featured quite a few new 'bells and whistles' which included an alarm that would tell you if you are breaking the speed limit, which is set before the car is started. Also the hood release is controlled from inside the car. With this, there were a few problems with the car. Back then, not all states did not allow the use of more than two headlights on cars. The Edsel had 4 on them.
There were quite a few models of the Ford Edsel that were produced. There was the standard model, to the 2 door coupe, to the 4 door station wagon, and to the convertible. There was also a model of the Edsel designed specifically for racing. The Edsels got around 17MPG in the city traveling at 30mph, and around 12MPG on the highway traveling at 70mph. The standard Edsel had 4 doors and room for 6 in the car. Many of the features were standard throughout the car models. There were around 17 different models of the '58 Edsel Produced.
Advertising for this car first appeared as “teaser” pages in various magazines. About 2.5 million visitors attended “E-Day” on September 4th, 1957. To Ford dealerships to check the car out. (Skinner) However, not a lot of cars were being sold that day. Ford was very disappointed about this.
The 1959 model of the Edsel was designed before the 1958 model was produced (Skinner) and it featured a different hood and front grill design on the car. However, it still featured that iconic oval shape in...

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