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Fordham Essay

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#3 Discuss your goals for the next four years and comment on your post-college plans."Next stop, 66th Street and Lincoln Center, " bellowed the cracked voice of theconductor over the loudspeaker. Those words rang in my ear like the notes of afamiliar melody. Stepping off the number three train, I was immediately immersed inthe scents, sounds and faces of my past. All the wonderful memories of those fouryears came rushing back into my mind as if they had just occurred. I was finallyreturning to my birthplace, my home, my origin; my Fordham University.When I arrived at the campus the first person I saw was my former actinginstructor, the great Larry Sacharow. Just seeing him set me awestruck withhappiness; it was in his class that my career really took off. "Professor Sacharow," Ishouted, over the hustle and bustle of the crowded city sidewalk. We finally caught upto each other and exchanged blissful remarks. We spoke of all the wonderful thingswhich have been happening since I successfully completed his class in my sophomoreyear and how I was offered a spot in Les Miserables and how the references andcontacts he gave me opened countless windows of opportunity. One of his referencesled me back to my high school where I am now teaching a college theatre preparatorycourse for the 12th grade. He was ecstatic! I couldn't express to him enough how muchI enjoyed his class and all the lectures and theatre games we played. It is those littlethings that I remember most.After our joyful trip down memory lane, Professor Sacharow (who preferred meto call him Larry which I just couldn't do out of plain respect) led me into the lobby of theresidence hall where a mural of myself hung on the east wall. I remember the day...

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1949 words - 8 pages . Free, Melissa. “Who is G.C.?”: Misprizing Gabriel Conroy in Joyce’s “The Dead”. Essay. Fordham University Press., 2009, p277-303, 27p. (Essay) Burke, Daniel. Beyond Interpretation: Studies in the Modern Short Story, 1991, p27-47, 21p. (Short Story Review) The Holy Bible King James Edition: Containing the Old and New Testaments.  1611,King James Bible Online

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2225 words - 9 pages massive depopulation on agriculture, commerce and the labour force, caused by the plague, forced many changes and adaptations over the next number of years, changing the course of economic action forever. Works Cited Gottfried, Robert S., “Black Death,” Dictionary of the Middle Ages (1989) Hatcher, John. “England in the Aftermath of the Black Death.” Past & Present, no. 144 (1994): 3-35. Malthus, Thomas R., “An Essay on the

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