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Foreign Adoption Essay

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A child with little hope is finally given a better future by getting an extraordinary opportunity, just by getting adopted by a caring, loving family, even across the borders. Foreign adoption is one of the possible ways to open this door to a wonderful life full of opportunities. These hapless children can go from an unsteady environment to a stable one. Alas, there is more to such a miracle then there may seem with all the complications and challenges that come wrapped up with it. Though with all the trouble most people say it’s worth it.
What is foreign adoption? Foreign adoption is adoption from overseas and is also known as intercountry or international adoption (U.S.). This is ...view middle of the document...

All this regards to trying to prevent illegal practices involving this type of adoption.
Subsequently past events foreshadow modern-day rules and reasons. To show this, international adoption started as a comeback to the increasing amount of orphans in Europe after World War II (Sexton). Since then, the twelve most common countries of the internationally adopted children’s origin in descending order were, China, Ethiopia, Russia, South Korea, Ukraine, India, Philippines, Colombia, Tainan, Uganda, Haiti, and Nigeria in 2011 (Center). The three main adoption sources are China, Guatemala and Russia (Bureau). “Fifteen percent of internationally adopted children were aged less than one year, fifty five percent were age one through four, and thirty percent were aged more than five years old, fifty six percent were girls in two thousand and eleven” (Center). Most of these occur legally and bring families together (Sexton). Thousand of children in need in other countries are adopted by families from the U.S. each year (Bureau). As a result many countries have come together to decrease their orphan numbers.
Of course there are difficulties with this form of adoption, as struggles comes with anything. The process can be expensive, complicated, and time consuming (Sexton), but this may vary depending upon which process the person may choose (U.S.). There is also a common concern among critics about the child’s sense of belonging and loss of cultural identity and awareness about their country of origin (Sexton). While “three percent (one hundred ninety one million) of the world’s population is currently living outside their native country” (Issitt). Increased rates of foreign adoption have continued as sex education, birth control, and single-parent families have also become more socially acceptable in the United States (Whittaker). Yet this is something that often is asked of by commentators, but it must be kept in mind that every child is an individual and reacts differently to different things.
Another worry is about child trafficking problems that links to child laundering. Child trafficking is more simply put as the buying, selling or...

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