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Foreign Aids Affect On Us And Is It Beneficial

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Foreign aid is beneficial for other governments, their people, and our selves. Foreign aid is assistance we give to other people. It can help preserve the lives of people facing natural disasters, corrupt governments, and eliminate terrorism. It also can allow us to form alliances with other countries that may help us in later times. The money we get for financial aid comes from the federal budget. According to Shan Carter’s review on Obama’s 2013 budget proposal only one percent of the U.S. budget was spent on international affairs (Carter).
Foreign aid, according to, a reputable website, is “assistance (as economic aid) provided by one nation to another (Merriam ...view middle of the document...

By investing in people, one may wish to provide a community with a sense of independence. The quote, “Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime,” explains this concept (Chinese-Proverb). It elaborates on the concept that providing a person with an ability to produce a product is a better solution than simply providing the product.
To allow independence, we must first change the construction of the government in the area. The government could be limiting progress in the nation. By modifying the government, we allow the nation to develop. A developed nation allows for more technology to be introduced which can lower the mortality rate and strengthen the economy.
The money that is spent on foreign aid has come from many sources. In the United States, the money comes from the Federal Budget. The Federal Annual Budget, in total, includes 3.65 trillion dollars according to (Chantrill). Many people argue that we should cut spending on foreign aid to reduce our deficit but, it would take roughly 460 years of no foreign aid to completely eliminate the 17 trillion dollar deficit the United States (Chantrill). Foreign aid is a small chunk of the federal budget that can be beneficial to the U.S. in the long run.

Foreign aid is not simply a nation providing another nation with aid, but the provider can also benefit from the growth of the nation being assisted. If a nation assists another nation in growing, the assister may be rewarded by seeing advances in technology, medicine or education (Finance Degree Center). ...

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