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It was a cool and bright Saturday morning in the southwest side of Houston. My drive in to the WCJC Sugar Land campus was short and sweet, especially after a warm cup of chamomile tea with honey. My heart beat accelerated as I hoped and maneuvered through the halls to get to my Humanities class. This was unusual but shortly justified when I thought about my beautiful instructor, who agreed to share a personal experience the week before. Watching Ms. Alexander eat a balut is by far one of the most foreign and coolest experiences I've ever had in the last year. I was intrigued and couldn't resist the temptation of tasting the mouthwatering delicacy. mmmm, yumy in the tommy! I believe this is one of the tastiest dishes that no one should pass up. I highly recommend a balut for breakfast or lunch with a dash of sea salt.
The whole thing started when Ms. A took us to the other side of the world. The attractions overseas and the ...view middle of the document...

It was a Kodak moment when Ms. A paused before responding to the breakfast invitation. She took in a breath and smiled at the class. This was the first time I heard about a fertilized egg that contains a partially developed duck or chicken embryo. This delicacy is very popular in the Philippines and thought to have derived from families with ethnic Chinese backgrounds.
The debate started when Jurita made it official and agreed to bring eggs for breakfast the following weekend. The whole class laughed at the idea but that’s only because we were in denial. C'mon, who in the right mind would walk in to a classroom with chicken eggs. I was doubt founded when I realized these eggs could be fertilized duck eggs that are normally incubated for 28 days. Balut eggs are incubated for a total of 18 days before it becomes someones' lunch. Chicken eggs are usually incubated for 21 days but are served after 14 days for best taste. I wasn't regretting my decision but my stomach did turn as I heard Ms. A describe the contents of the eggs. I appreciate the details and believe it’s important to avoid a spew of chicken parts or feathers.
My nerves went haywire when I saw Jurita walk in with the chics in her hands. Balut eggs are considered an ethnic food which are not inspected like regular eggs. They are 100% natural and part of a hearty breakfast. This made me queasy but she didn’t waste any time in setting the table for the class. I hesitated, but the savory yet strong scent along my growling empty stomach left me no choice. The egg was fairly larger, warm to the touch and easy to peal. I slurpped the salty embryonic fluid after the first crack. My eyes popped out when i saw what looked like a pair of eyes. There was no turing back, I said to myself, and managed to fit more than half on the first bite. It was very crunchy but the feathers made it hard to chew. It sort of tickled as I swollowed and took the last bite.

I recommend this delicacy because it contains 188 calories, 14 grams of protein and fat, 2 milligrams of iron and 116 milligrams of calcium. The eggs are traditionally seasoned with salt, vinegar or soy sauce. The exotic flavor and delicate texture will exceed expectations.

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