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Foreign Language Essay

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The use of videos and clips available on the internet not only increases contact time, but also improves efficiency of learning. For instance, the learner can prepare their own oral presentations using the videos as their reference.
In addition, the learners can analyze the use verbs, nouns, tenses, order of words and sentence structures. This improves the quality of understanding and internalization. The learner is also able to encounter different dialects available in the foreign language since the speakers come from different regions.
For instance, video materials available online expose the learners to various topics and discussions. The topics are organized in varying degrees of ...view middle of the document...

The learners also get an opportunity to develop their own learning strategies such as use of flash card electronically. This could facilitate faster learning of vocabulary.
The fast growing modern technology has had significant impact on the learning practices of foreign languages. This research distinguishes the centrality of modern technology in modern approaches of teaching and learning foreign languages. The digital developments have revolutionized the present day approach of learning foreign languages.
Technologies bring in numerous opportunities to interrelate with people and other resources in the foreign language of interest. The research aims to establish the impact of technology on acquisition, and practical methods of learning a foreign language.
Globalization has led to increased need for knowledge of more than one language as people from different regions interact on the international arena. The demand to be more effective internationally calls for learning of foreign languages. The development of online learning has led to widespread use of technology in the education sector.
This research focuses on the new methods of learning and teaching foreign languages by use technology. It also targets the impact of technological development on the learning processes of foreign languages.
The main purpose of this study is to:
i. Evaluate the necessity of technology and establish the impact it has on learning a foreign language.
ii. To focus on the benefits of integrating technology and learning process of foreign languages
iii. Explore new techniques of teaching and learning foreign language using technology.
Knowledge of more than one language has become one of the most critical competences worldwide.This has led to increased number of institutions that offer foreign language programs. In the process of competing with each other, they have incorporated technology in their teaching and learning processes. They have introduced modern technologies in research, teaching and learning foreign languages.
This study will focus on acquiring both primary and secondary sources of information. Secondary sources will be retrieved from the library resources as well as internet will mainly rely on scholarly information. The primary information will be retrieved from a questionnaire interview which will take place on the internet.
The questionnaire will target the learners and instructors of foreign languages. It will seek to acquire information on how modern technology impact learning and teaching of foreign languages. The responses will then be analyzed and conclusions deduced.
Learning a foreign language relies on developing context. This way the learner is able to relate the words they learn and the real situation. The student should comprehend proper pronunciation, meaning as well as spelling of words in the new language they study. To develop proper understanding, the learner ought to deal with words of similar meanings and how...

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